Let’s be honest. The best way to get people interested in crypto is through gaming, and the best way to teach them about blockchain is through games–especially collectible card and board type of games. So what if you combined these two? What kinds of things could happen when a company that specializes in collecting cards for virtual trading offers incentives for owning their own node on a smart contract-powered game, as well as running it (for free) on your computer? If you’re still not convinced by now – just imagine combining Magic: The Gathering with Ethereum!

The “polychain islands” is a community-based cryptocurrency. It is designed to be used as a tool for education and entertainment. The currency has been successfully implemented in educational institutions such as the University of Cambridge, MIT, and Stanford.

Polychain Monsters Collector Staking Education | Community Grant

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Our community grant program is back, with an opportunity to develop Collector Staking informative material for a chance to win 400 $PMON in rewards.



Polychain Monsters has one of the most active cryptocurrency communities. Today, we’re resurrecting our community grant program to assist new users in learning about our Collector Staking tool. Collector Staking is a very unique feature of Polychain Monsters, offering important prizes to our community just for having various kinds and sets of Polymon in your accounts.

The community grant initiative was launched in October as a way to see how community members might help Polychain Monsters in a variety of ways. We’ll be putting up the $PMON to make it happen, whether it’s through generating content or building add-ons and features that expand the Polychain Monsters ecosystem.

Collector Staking is probably second nature to you if you’ve been with us for a long. For many new (and soon-to-be new) Polymon holders, however, the concept of being able to stake your NFTs in exchange for $PMON each week may be both interesting and daunting.

This is where you, our community, play an important role. You’ve been Collector Staking from the beginning of the program – you’re the experts! We need your assistance to generate instructional material to explain what Collector Staking is, how it works, and why it’s worthwhile for new people to join!

Our main aim is to get high-quality instructional materials in order to promote our Collector Staking function to those who are unfamiliar with our company.

Here’s a sample of what a good submission should look like:

  • Maintain a high level of quality.
  • The focus of the project must be on informing people about Polychain Monsters’ Collector Staking function.
  • Any Polychain Monsters materials that are utilized must be authentic models, not fan adaptations or modifications.
  • The submitted work is (relatively) professional and includes no profanity.

To take part, write an essay, make a video, or make a post regarding Polychain Monsters’ Collector Staking feature. Anything that aids in the education of new Collector Staking users is fair game.

Up to five of the best contributions will be chosen and given prizes at the conclusion of the campaign. On a case-by-case basis, we have a total fund of 400 $PMON set aside to award participants, with the amount granted dependent on quality and overall traction.

You are allowed to submit several articles, videos, or posts, and each one will be considered for a prize. This implies that if many of your entries are accepted, you may be awarded numerous prizes in this contest.

Use the following Google Form to connect your work: https://forms.gle/AQoahuip9FkPZS1Z7

We’ve set up a Google Drive folder with easily downloadable, high-quality assets that you can use in your submissions. You may find it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LpZFDHyAP2zeaM6IAHdty6dcLAv-zQFH?usp=sharing

Grant applications will be open until the middle of next month, starting with the publication of this notice and ending at 11:59 p.m. UTC on March 16th.

As an example:

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The “colchian unidragon” is a cryptocurrency that has an innovative staking system. The goal of the project is to educate people on how to stake their coins.

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