PIF is a decentralized application (DApp) with the goal of allowing people from all over the world to be connected, share information and transact, without any third party interference. In order for PIF DAO to achieve its aim it needs funds as well as talented developers who understand blockchain technology.

The “what is dao” is a type of cryptocurrency that has been raising a staggering $6 million in private investment. The DAO, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, has only been around since April 2016 but it’s already worth over $100 million.

PIF DAO Raises a Staggering $6 million in Private Investment

Play It Forward DAO (PIF DAO), a rapidly growing P2E guild, just secured a game-changing $6 million in its newest round of investment, opening the door to extend the ecosystem and further develop its initiative.

A number of significant investors contributed to the effort, including Signum Capital, Kyber Ventures, and UOB Venture, as well as Jump Capital, Tokocrypto, Mintable, and others. These money will be used by PIF DAO to expand the DAO scholarship program and support investments in more P2E initiatives, as well as to improve the native guild administration tool, P2E board.

We’re excited to share the news of our US$6 million investment round, which will help us carry out our aim of making play more rewarding and driving development in the Metaverse! 🚀 Y1Ofljwyq5 https://t.co/Y1Ofljwyq5

— Play It Forward DAO (Jobs Available!) (@PIF DAO) 3rd of January, 2022

PIF DAO has made waves in the play-to-earn industry since its inception six months ago, delivering a plug-in and play service to members throughout the Philippines and Indonesia. They will continue to expand in the future in order to share their knowledge with guilds all around the world.

PIF DAO’s ecosystem presently has 40k players and 3k academics, and it competes in a variety of industry-leading titles, including Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Pegaxy, and Dragonay. “PIF DAO’s mission is not to grab a bigger piece of the pie, but to enlarge the pie and boost benefits for users,” they say, revealing that they want to extend the world of play-to-earn to a whole new population of gamers.