Pieland’s Genesis Drop Offers a Taste of Things to Come.
The sky is the limit for blockchain-powered gaming and we are just getting started. While games have seen some major innovations in recent years, they lack explanations as to why it was done or how. For example, when you play a game like PUBG -PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-, you don’t know what makes the map different from one that looks similar on another server or even if any other maps exist at all. Eventually this will change thanks to projects like Game Changers by Blocklayer which aims to create “a new environment where players can interact with digital objects”.

Pieland’s Genesis Drop Offers a Taste of Things to Come

Imagine a fantasy universe where everything you come into contact with is a delectable assortment of pre-cooked baked delicacies. Every organism has a delectable, flaky, buttery exterior shell that conceals a symphony of delicious flavors within. A location where any unexpected hunger is relieved by grabbing the next living thing.

The Most Tempting Realm

Welcome to Pieland, the world where all your pastry fantasies come true. The planet’s vegetation and fauna are made up entirely of pie-based lifeforms. A gourmet wonderland of sweet and savory pie dishes, combining the love of marine animals with baked delicacies in one pie-shaped edible container.

10,314 “Octopies” are going to drop into NFT land in a gigantic celebration of all things pie, each with a noticeably distinct design made up of various, exceedingly extravagant creative renditions. Collectors will be entitled to a plethora of great perks, including admission to the majestic Pieland world, as well as the opportunity to win prizes, compete in contests, and mingle with the realm’s most elite community.

Pieland Genesis Drop

Pre-Order and Whitelist

Just like any self-respecting purveyor of baked goods, Pieland is taking orders for early acquisition of its temptation-filled Octopie. So, get a spot ahead of all the other foodies by securing a place on the Pre-Order and Whitelisting some tasty sea life. Whitelist places are up for grabs in a series of social media giveaways, simply jump into Twitter or Discord to get a slice of the action.

As a consequence, whitelist members will be able to order an Octopie in advance. Members may pre-order the scrumptious treasures between February 4th and 7th, paying a near-zero gas price in the process. The Pieland crew will airdrop NFTs to customers who pre-order when the sale goes live. Furthermore, the Pieland crew will be on hand during the pre-order period to guide new collectors through the process.

Those who were chosen for the whitelist should check their DMs on February 4th for further information.

The Bake Sale of the Century

On February 10th, whitelist members (who did not pre-order) will be able to login on the Pieland website at 8 a.m. PST to get their hands on some pie-themed octopus souvenirs. Following that, at 3 p.m. PST, an all-you-can-eat public sale will commence, creating a feeding frenzy of activity in order to get one of the limited-edition digital collectibles.


Taking a Trip Into the Future

Pieland’s delectable metaverse will grow rapidly in the next months, with the whole plan set to be released on January 30th. The team will continue to fill out the pie-themed metaverse and work on the rumored game, as well as creating more pie-themed NFTs to populate the Pieland ecosystem.

Following the first drop and continuing with secondary sales, Pieland will follow a carbon-negative approach, estimating the total amount of gas consumed and offsetting it via a variety of renowned climate-conscious organizations.

Each Pieland NFT will also be based on an innovative upgradable smart contract. This allows the team to make proactive changes to the underlying technology to keep up with the blockchain’s ever-changing needs, while also deleting any bulky and superfluous minting code after the first sale. This will free up more room for all sorts of fantastic usefulness and brand-new, cutting-edge features.

The Team

Pieland is supported by a dedicated group of pastry aficionados and stone-cold experts, each of whom plays an important part in the project. They have a diverse team on board, including an artist, a writer, marketing experts, and an engineer, all of whom are totally open and responsible. The existence of a game designer, on the other hand, is the most revealing, offering a welcome hint as to the project’s future trajectory.

Join the Octopie drop on February 10 >> Here