The Museum of Physical NFTs is opening in Seattle, Washington and will showcase physical or digital assets such as bitcoin, etherium and other cryptocurrencies. The museum hopes to educate the public about what cryptocurrency is by exposing them to its tangible history.

The “nfts art” is a physical museum that will be opening in Seattle. The museum will feature artwork from the NFTs and allow visitors to buy, sell, or trade them.

Physical NFT Museum Set to Open in Seattle

In Seattle, a physical NFT museum will open, with the goal of providing a tangible place devoted to promoting NFTs and boundary-pushing artists.

On January 14, 2022, the Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM) in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood will open its doors. Visitors will be able to engage with NFTs and learn about the technology and artists that make them possible in an offline environment within the museum. It will also include a part on describing the principles of NFT technology and its long-term influence on art.

Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, two IT executives, founded the museum with the goal of bringing physical engagement to the NFT art realm. The offline venue will host a variety of NFT-related shows, with a focus on exhibiting artwork created by Seattle-based artists.

Works from NFT collector Aaron Bird’s remarkable NFT collection will be given to the museum, including works from Erick Calderon’s Chromie Squiggle series and Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks. Blake Kathryn, Neon Saltwater, and Charles Peterson are among the artists whose work will be on show.

SNFTM has teamed with Samsung to address the problem of exhibiting digital works in a physical location. The museum has received multiple flexible frames from the world’s largest electronic device manufacturer, which can adjust to the size and proportions of each displayed item. In contrast to the usual, horizontal displays that are commonly utilized, these frames are particularly intended for showing digital artwork while offline.

Virtual aspects will remain in the museum, with Hamilton and Wong giving QR codes to visitors so they may access a variety of interactive internet portals.


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