The Philadelphia 76ers are set to release their first collection of non-fungible tokens on, marking the latest step for them in an effort to become one of the most innovative teams in sports and entertainment today. The new digital assets will be available during NBA All-Star Weekend with a limited edition run that features memorable moments from recent championship seasons like Ben Simmons’ game winning shot against LeBron James or Joel Embiid’s postgame interview after his injury comeback victory over Boston Celtics last year.

In cooperation with, the The 76ers are a basketball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have launched their first-ever NFT collection, Legacy. The drop will take place on “Spirit of 76 Night,” when the team will wear its City Edition jersey and commemorate the Spectrum’s inaugural game on October 18, 1967.

The Drop

There will be 13 drops, each one aimed to commemorate major occasions in the franchise’s Spectrum period history. Black Madre, a well-known Brazilian artist, designed and animated the NFTs. There will be three uncommon levels in the Legacy NFT collection: one Original series, three Banner series, and 46 Signature series, totaling 50 collectibles each drop. The numerals are carefully selected, with three representing the team’s titles won and 46 representing the year the club was formed as the Syracuse Nationals in 1946.

The packs are created at random and will contain a collectable art piece from the Banner or Signature series. After making a purchase, buyers may visually unpack their NFTs to see what sort of NFT they have.

After the drop, the Original series will be auctioned off as a one-of-a-kind edition for 48 hours. The auction winner will enjoy VIP admission to the Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex in Camden, as well as 76ers memorabilia, a gift package containing rare items, and the ultimate fan experience for two. Lunch cooked by the team chef, a private meet and greet, and an exclusive chance to watch the 76ers practice are all included in this event.

Collectors’ Reward & Benefits

More thrilling 76ers-themed surprises await fans who collect all 13 Banner series or Signature series NFTs. By May 1, 2022, those who have collected all 13 Banner series will be eligible to receive an original piece of the Philadelphia Spectrum court, a special jersey, a customized message from a 76ers Legend, and VIP admission to a 76ers event. Those with 13 Signature series NFTs may also get an authentic piece of the Philadelphia Spectrum court as well as a bespoke jersey.

“NFTs are an intriguing new collectable area in which we’ll pay respect to iconic events in team history throughout the Spectrum era of 76ers basketball,” said Chris Heck, President of Business Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers. “Through the Legacy NFT Collection, one-of-a-kind collectibles will bring the past and present together.”

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the NBA’s most renowned clubs, having won three World Championships, nine Finals appearances, and 51 postseason appearances in 72 seasons. The 76ers announced a relationship with earlier this month, and the Legacy NFT collection will be available only via the NFT marketplace. The Sixers Youth Foundation will get a portion of the revenues.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a Twitter account.

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