Perion has announced that it is now offering its Season Offering Tokens (SOT) as a rewards for top scholars. The tokens are stored in Ethereum-based smart contracts and can be traded on exchanges, or even gifted to other players. These digital assets will allow players to earn game time by completing tasks throughout the season.

Perion DAO & Smart Token Labs have launched a rewards program for the top scholars of their platform. The rewards are in the form of NFT, which is an asset on Ethereum.

Perion DAO & Smart Token Labs Launch Season Rewards NFT for Top Scholars

Season Rewards NFT (SRNFT), a programmable smart token designed by both parties to reward top-performing gamers, has been launched by Perion DAO and Smart Token Labs. The gaming guild has also just raised a significant amount of money in preparation for its upcoming Public Token Sale.

The top 100 Perion scholars from Season 19 of Axie Infinity will be the fortunate ones to get their hands on an SRNFT. Each student will get special apparel incentives depending on their finishing place on the scoreboard after receiving an SRNFT.

The top 100 players will be able to redeem their tokens on Deep Sea Merch, a new site that delivers dynamic scholar prizes depending on token rarity, when SRNFT goes live in late January. TokenScript, the open-source framework on which SRNFTs are created, is likewise included in the platform. Mitch Penman-Allen, a co-founder of Perion, has this to say about the guild’s new creative awards system:

“Season bonuses” In both a practical and digital sense, NFTs are a unique method to thank our player base. Increasing player involvement and participation increases the value of the Perion DAO as a whole and offers our players a feeling of belonging and accomplishment. Smart Token Labs is at the very edge of NFT interoperability, and we’re delighted to work with them and develop with them through 2022.”

The relationship between Perion and Smart Token Labs will last through 2022, with the SRNFT initiative anticipated to help the Perion community get more unique loyalty benefits and incentives.

The DAO, which was formed in Australia, has also launched a week-long PERC Token Sale, which began on January 21st. The transaction, which is taking place on the Tokemak platform, comes after the business received $8.6 million in a three-times oversubscribed fundraising round. Framework Ventures, Alameda Research, Spartan Group, and Panterra Capital were among the venture capitalists that participated in the round.

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