Pegaxy has recently decided to take a hard line on policy violations, giving offenders 30 days or less of game time.

Pegaxy is a marketplace for digital assets. They recently took a hard line on policy violation, which means that you will no longer be able to sell or purchase any of your items.

Pegaxy Takes a Hard Line on Policy Violation

This week, the Pegaxy ecosystem’s perhaps largest’scholarship’ suffered an unpleasant awakening. As a consequence, 1635 Pegas and 2.7 million $VIS ($17k) assets belonging to the Lone Wolf Guild (LWG) have been suspended permanently.

According to Pegaxy, the restrictive steps were taken after LWG was found to have violated corporate policies. The investigators discovered evidence that LWG routinely instructed its members to establish several identities in order to maximize their earnings on the guild’s Discord. As a result, Pegaxy deemed TeeBee, the guild head, in breach of company regulations and suspended its assets.

Someone recently informed me that LWG has had all of his Pegas blacklisted, which means no more millions of dollars in VIS will be dumped. Is this correct? Please double-check.

March 21, 2022 — Chief | VRK (@ViciousChief)

The move has prompted controversy on Twitter, with many people saying the response was too severe. LWG, on the other hand, came under fire when it was found that it paid pitiful prizes to members who used its services. People who worked for the guild got between 1% and 5% of the revenue, while LWG bragged about its substantial revenues on a regular basis.

The Lone Wolf Guild was one of the most powerful guilds in the Pegaxy world, often topping the highest earnings list. Now, it’s unclear what Pegaxy will do with the frozen assets, if anything at all. Whatever happens next, it’s apparent that Pegaxy will not allow this kind of behavior, even if the wide vulnerability may still be exploited.

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Pegaxy has taken a hard line on policy violations. If you are caught violating their terms of service, they will ban your account. Reference: pegaxy download.

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