The NFT data and tracking dashboard is the first real-time, blockchain enabled platform that helps collectible game creators manage their inventory. The service enables users to view in real time what’s happening with their assets on the marketplace, track them if they are sold or traded, and more.

The “nft sales” is a decentralized token that can be used to purchase goods and services. Pegaxy has launched an NFT data and tracking dashboard that allows users to view their nft sales and other relevant information.

Pegaxy Launches Apollo NFT Data and Tracking Dashboard

Pegaxy, a futuristic horse racing simulation, has released its long-anticipated data and monitoring dashboard. Stable owners now have access to a trove of data to help them in their high-octane equestrian endeavors.

The new Apollo application will let players to monitor tokens won, racehorse performance, win rate, and leasing agreements, as well as access overall platform data and NFT floor pricing. The software is also built for computers, tablets, laptops, and cellphones, enabling users to get important race information on the move.

Your official Pegaxy statistics and monitoring dashboard has arrived an hour early!


January 12, 2022 — Pegaxy (@PegaxyOfficial)

Pegaxy is a completely new racing simulation that combines ancient Greek mythology with contemporary cyberpunk looks, all while offering a highly competitive racing atmosphere. The platform runs on the Polygon Network, which means it has rapid transaction rates and minimal gas costs.

Players engage in free races utilizing a variety of metal-winged horses acquired on the in-game marketplace in exchange for the native $VIS coin. Owners can also use the integrated loan platform to safely rent out assets and breed horses for personal benefit.

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