Pegaxy, the platform that is funded by EverdreamSoft and provides a decentralized gaming experience on mobile devices, has just released its Android app. The Pegaxy Games app allows users to buy games with ERC-20 tokens as well as purchase in-app items within all NFTs (Nonfungible Token) compatible games – not only limited to those titles built on top of their own proprietary blockchain technology.

The “pegaxy download” is a new app that has been released by Pegaxy. The app allows users to play any game without restrictions and it also offers a free trial.

Pegaxy Launches Android App for Unrestricted Gaming

Pegaxy, the epic fantasy horse racing simulation, is happy to announce the release of its mobile platform. As a consequence, Android users who meet the requirements may now race their powerful horses from the palm of their hands.

Pegaxy has limited access to those who have Epic and Rare in-game NFTs from the beginning. As a result, it’s adopting a cautious approach as it prepares to enter the play anywhere market. Pegaxy will roll out the app to all members of the gaming ecosystem after this first development phase.

Simply go to the Pegaxy official website and click the download symbol in the upper right corner to get started. Then, in the native Pegaxy browser wallet, use the QR code to sync. Once in, racehorse owners may compete anywhere they want, whenever they want.

Hello, Epic and Rare Collectors!

We’re excited to share that the beta version of our mobile app is now available for you to try out. 📱

We can’t wait to hear from you, and we can’t wait to see this native app in its whole!

May 10, 2022 — Pegaxy (@PegaxyOfficial)

Furthermore, this is the beta version of the software, so there is still work to be done. As a result, players may assist by reporting any issues they may notice. As a consequence, Pegaxy has created a ‘bug form’ to help with development.

Expect more innovation and play-to-earn miracles from Pegaxy’s stables as the company grows.

Report any bugs >> Here


The “pegaxy nft” is a new app that allows users to play games without any restrictions. The app was released by the Pegaxy company.

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