When we think about crypto, our minds often gravitate towards the economic implications of blockchain. But what if cryptofinance is just one use case for a technology that can do much more than simply store data? Providing cheaper and faster access to loans could be another key service underpinned by this new digital asset class.

Pawn Bots NFT Expand DeFi Vision Via Cinematography Foray

The “nft for filmmakers” is a project that aims to create the next generation of cryptocurrency by expanding the use of NFTs. With this project, users can create and share their own NFTs with others.

With a downturn market imminent, it’s time for the NFT’s unaffected, uncorrelated assets to start proving their value. As you would guess, projects in this category are mostly of the ‘Blue Chip’ sort, whether they’re Punk, Ape, or Doodle. The Pawn Bots’ more technological, HiFi protocol-adopting assets have introduced themselves into the convocation in the middle of fast DeFi and blockchain advances. 

Vision of Pawn Bots

The Pawn Bots are a collection of uncorrelated NFTs that allow owners to store value in their asset by keeping it, or use it as collateral to easily borrow liquid cash, regardless of the dangerous and panicked market circumstances. Those who use their Pawn Bot NFTs in this way may benefit from HiFi’s fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol.

Anyone owning HiFi Finance’s Mainframe ($MFT) token may mint a Pawn Bot (at a later date), which they can then liquidate back into $MFT via the project’s repurchase guarantee (as freely as they wish). Pawn Bots is one of the few ‘low-risk investments in high-risk times’ that does not need a large sum of money to obtain.

This philosophy is similar to that of the CryptoPunks in two ways: first, investors were able to mint a Punk for free during the bear market of 2018 to 2020 (with only $6 gas fees to pay), and second, Punks have proven to be formidable, uncorrelated assets that can maintain financial value despite market turmoil. 

The Cinematography Adventures of Pawn Bots 

Pawn Bots has released its first 3D animated NFT movie to showcase its grasp of what the NFT community appreciates in asset usefulness and projects as a whole.

During a bear market, where do NFTs go? Premiere of the NFT video “The Talk.” 🎬 📽️🏖️🍹 pic.twitter.com/1bYtU5Gq9J

May 12, 2022 — Pawn Bots (@PawnBots)

The film artistically expresses the primal issue of the ‘birds and the bees conversation’ into the setting of NFTs, a concept that any NFT lover will appreciate, via a convocation between a ‘derivative’ Doodle x Ape kid and his ape father as they lie drinking drinks given up by a Pawn Bot. There are also cameos from Mutant Apes and a Moonbird, as well as a hilarious allusion to one of 2022’s major pop-culture phenomena (see if you can spot it).

Despite its comical nature and the use of indisputably uncorrelated NFTs, the film is intended to convey the Pawn Bots project’s ambition, as well as its desire for the community to benefit from blockchain-related riches that is unaffected by market fluctuations.

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The “film nft platform” is a decentralized film production and distribution platform. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses NFTs to reward artists for their work.

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