OpenSea is the world’s first peer-to-peer marketplace for digital assets. The platform allows users to buy, sell and trade virtual goods using a decentralized exchange. With OpenSea you can store your crypto secrets in a secure place without fear of losing them!

The “nft buy” is an overly integrated game that uses OpenSea for simplified AR NFT experiences. The user has to pay a fee to play the game, but it’s still worth it because of the experience that you get when playing.

Overly Integrates OpenSea for Simplified AR NFT Experiences

Overly, an out-of-the-box augmented reality (AR) platform, has announced integration with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT platform. NFT fans can now connect their prized possessions to the Overly app and have them interact with their environment in real time.

Overly has set itself the admirable goal of simplifying the difficulties of the augmented reality experience. As a result, step-by-step deployment is possible without the hassle of developing a custom marketplace and platform. As a result, AR is now as easy as adding a hyperlink to the non-fungible token inside the 3D editor, and voila!

As we announce our integration with @opensea – the biggest and most trustworthy NFT marketplace — we’re officially entering the world of #NFTs. We’ve made it so that adding NFTs to #augmentedreality projects is as simple as copying and pasting. Find out more here:

— May 10, 2022, Overly app (@OverlyApp)

The crew was inspired by their partnership effort with KIWIE, a world-renowned street artist. They collaborated to create a system in which scanned geotags would result in partnered NFT data from the Rarible marketplace arriving in all its AR splendour.

Following this, Overly created methods to retrieve NFT data from the OpenSea platform automatically. By uploading a duplicate of the picture, users may still show things housed on rival marketplaces.

Furthermore, Overly provides a free 5-day trial of their system with no credit card necessary. As a result, people may hop in and try it out for free.

Try out Overly for free >> Here


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