An open marketplace for virtual assets is coming to a blockchain near you. OpenSea, which offers a platform for trading in-game items and other various collectibles, has raised $13 billion USD from undisclosed investors after beating out EOS as the most valuable company on the market. The influx of new capital will help them expand into international markets while also enabling their tokenization efforts.

The “opensea net worth” is a cryptocurrency that has seen an increase in valuation following Series C funding. The company plans to use the funding to expand their services.

OpenSea Valuation Skyrockets to $13.3 Billion Following Series C Funding

OpenSea, the NFT lord, has secured an incredible $300 million in series C fundraising, bringing the total business valuation to an inconceivable $13.3 billion. The new price is a significant increase over the $1.5 billion it was valued in July.

Paradigm and Coatue spearheaded the charge, with a slew of new and old investors chipping in to help. The money will be used to strengthen OpenSea’s infrastructure, expedite product development, increase customer support and safety, and invest in the larger NFT and web3 communities.

OpenSea is growing in all directions to accommodate this expansion, with employment opportunities popping up across the board. As a consequence, they’ll beef up their customer service, as well as their trust and safety duties, in order to create an atmosphere that prioritizes the consumer.

Furthermore, the NFT trading behemoth will continue to finance a variety of web3-based projects via financing efforts, as well as create its own award program to help up-and-coming developers in Q1 2022.

Series C is now available! We’re creating the nicest and most reputable NFT marketplace with the widest range of chains. The money will enable us speed up product development, strengthen trust and security, and make significant investments in the web3 community and ecosystem.

— January 5, 2022, OpenSea (@opensea)

Despite sailing through some turbulent seas, OpenSea has continued to push the envelope over the previous year. With complaints of stolen NFTs and copied artworks at an all-time high, security will undoubtedly play a significant role in the next year. As a result, the burning issue on everyone’s lips is: how can they increase security without jeopardizing the blockchain’s decentralized nature?


The “nft company valuation” is a cryptocurrency that has seen its value increase following a series of investment rounds. The latest round was led by Sequoia Capital and included participation from BlueYard Capital, Union Square Ventures, and more.

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