A team of hackers known as the Grifters are getting rich by exploiting a loophole in the OpenSea game’s trading system. The developers had put up a warning that this was happening, but it seems to have gone unnoticed for weeks and even months. This is one more example of how serious security flaws can be exploited when games don’t take precautions against bug bounties or other compensation programs.

The “nft buy” is a command-line tool that allows users to acquire discounted NFTs. The “OpenSea Grifters Exploit Trading Loophole to Acquire Discount NFTs.”

OpenSea Grifters Exploit Trading Loophole to Acquire Discount NFTs

The NFT community has been taken off guard once again by metaverse thiefs. This time, I used an OpenSea loophole to get a good deal on collectibles.

Deviant merchants have taken advantage of a flaw in the system that allows them to buy products that the owners never formally cancelled. This signifies that an item was originally listed for sale, but was later moved to another location without the contract being terminated. The original transaction is still ongoing in the background when the item is returned to OpenSea at a later date. As a result, these obnoxious criminals track out the incorrect order and execute the code, resulting in the acquisition of low-cost assets.

We introduced an order management tool in response to recent community concerns, which enables you to detect and reject potentially problematic OpenSea selling orders.

More information on what happened and how to protect yourself can be found here.

January 5, 2022 — Rarible (@rarible)

To avoid the expensive platform fees, collectors often take high-value items away from OpenSea. However, because of the petrol expenses, they often forget to cancel the transaction. As a consequence, the sale order remains in limbo, resulting in the disappearance of many valuable objects from collections in return for a pittance. After losing his Bored Ape for just 0.77 ETH, TBALLER.eth understands this all too well.

Thankfully, Rarible has your back with their handy tool that can rapidly examine compatible wallet IDs for any lingering erroneous sales orders. Simply connect it and double-check everything before returning the token to OpenSea.

Access Raribles order checking tool >> Here


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