The popular digital marketplace for in-game items, OpenSea’s “Trade” section has received a major overhaul following a recent exploit that allowed users to purchase $1.6 million worth of NFTs without paying the required fees.

OpenSea, a popular crypto-to-fiat exchange has added new tools to their platform following the major exploit. The “opensea list” allows users to search for orders that have been placed on the site.

OpenSea Adds Listing Checking Tools Following Major Exploit

Following the revelation of a fundamental flaw in OpenSea’s trading algorithms, the NFT behemoth has released a number of tools to assist traders in detecting erroneous sales orders. Users may now quickly verify their treasured NFTs for any unclosed transactions, which is effective immediately.

The issue arose when users neglected to terminate open listings owing to the high cost of petrol. After that, you may choose to move the asset to a different wallet address. The sales order is still active in the background when the NFT returns to its original position. As a consequence, unscrupulous dealers figured out how to track down these things and benefit from the oversight.

Members will be able to check all open orders using a simple dropdown menu on an extra “listings” page on the OpenSea dashboard in the future. As a result, the two choices offered denote active and inactive listings, respectively, where users may search for errors. They may also cancel any listings that aren’t necessary.

What’s happening on: Old listings are reappearing when things are transferred back into listers’ wallets.

What we did: Because we can’t cancel these orders for listers, we released a new listings manager today to address the issue.

— January 24, 2022, OpenSea (@opensea)

A series of high-profile occurrences in recent weeks have seen users robbed of their valued goods by abusing the OpenSea flaw. As a result, the platform has created new upgrades to provide further security, and all OpenSea users are urged to verify their listings records right now.

Furthermore, OpenSea has incorporated a new caution that notifies members when they offer an item for less than the floor price. Designed to assist those of us with big fingers who, in the heat of the moment, forget to include the crucial decimal point.


OpenSea, a marketplace for trading in-game assets, has added new tools following the recent discovery of an exploit that could have allowed hackers to steal users’ personal information. The company says it is now better equipped to fight such attacks. Reference: opensea settings.

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