OnlyFans, a social media app that lets people follow their favorite artists in real time and interact with them on the platform. On December 18th, 2018 they added a NFT profile picture function which allows fans to upload any image of their choosing as an avatar. This is significant for those who are interested in ERC-721 assets but don’t have much experience using Ethereum or DApps themselves.,

The “OnlyFans Adds NFT Profile Picture Function” is an article that discusses the onlyfans crypto alternative. This tokenized platform allows users to sell their social media attention in exchange for cryptocurrency.

OnlyFans Adds NFT Profile Picture Function

OnlyFans, a UK-based startup that grew during the epidemic by allowing authors to sell X-rated video directly to customers, is expanding its platform to include NFT profile images. The proposal follows Twitter’s support for hexagon-shaped profile images for verified NFTs, which was announced in January.

As of now, the new feature will only work with NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain, and no word on whether the adult content platform would include Twitter’s usage of OpenSea for verification reasons. Rather than the hexagonal technique of identifying legitimate ownership used by Twitter, verified OnlyFans NFT profile images will feature an Ethereum emblem. 

“Our objective is to allow artists to own their full potential,” Ami Gan, the company’s recently appointed CEO, said of the platform’s foray into NFTs. This functionality is the initial step towards determining how NFTs may be used on our platform.”

OnlyFans aren’t alone in their foray into the metaverse; in addition to Twitter, the social media conglomerate Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, has begun toying with the idea of adding NFT functionality to its subsidiaries, and information about Reddit’s planned foray into web3 ongoings has also been leaked.

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OnlyFans is adding a new feature to their app, which allows users to add NFT profiles. The company recently announced that they would be releasing this feature on the Ethereum blockchain. Reference: onlyfans coin crypto.

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