OneOf, a blockchain platform for the music industry, announced today it is partnering with The Recording Academy to create tokens of GRAMMY awards. These tokens will give artists and fans additional ways to interact with their favorite musicians both online and offline.

OneOf has partnered with The Recording Academy for GRAMMY NFTs. This partnership will allow OneOf to provide a new type of crypto-collectible that can be used as an alternative to trading in traditional collectibles.

OneOf, a music-focused NFT marketplace, has announced a three-year collaboration with “The Recording Academy.” As a consequence, the musical duo will bring a slew of NFT souvenirs to the world-famous GRAMMY Awards.

The musical pair will release a commemorative series of digital collectibles in January. Starting with the following ceremony on January 31, each represents awards, nominations, and overall winners from the most recent event. The next three such meetings will all have a OneOf curated NFT aspect from then on.

Tokens will be available in a variety of designs, including a limited number created by top-tier artists. Furthermore, because to the platform’s user-friendly design, assets may be purchased using a variety of means, including credit and debit cards, as well as crypto-based payments, with a portion of the revenues going to help finance the next generation of talent.

The Music Industry is Being Revolutionized

Quincy Jones, a famed producer, has supported OneOf, a Tezos-powered music platform. A great artist that has received a total of 28 GRAMMY Awards. The artist-friendly and fan-friendly marketplace is intended to empower those who use it. As a result, it gives a direct encounter from artist to fan, eliminating the need for any bloodsucking middlemen.

Please start the drums… We’re thrilled to announce that @RecordingAcad has chosen us as their exclusive #NFT partner! More information will be released shortly, so stay tuned! #BeOneOf

November 1, 2021 — OneOf (@OneOfNFT)

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OneOf Partners with The Recording Academy for GRAMMY NFTs is a company that has partnered with The Recording Academy to produce GRAMMY NFTs. These are tokens, which can be used to purchase products and services from OneOf. Reference: oneof crypto.

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