A new trend in the blockchain community is to create NFT collectibles that have a unique twist. These items are playable, tradable and most importantly, customizable by its holders. We take a look at some of these innovative projects with different approaches to how they work!

The “twitter nft collection” is a project where users can collect and trade NFTs. The project was started by Twitter in partnership with Quirky.

“One Day Project” is a collection of wacky graphics created by a group of 15 highly skilled artists. The NFT collection is a non-rules-based investigation of art.

Each characteristic or attribute, such as hats, ears, and accessories, was created by a separate artist – with a twist. Without seeing what the other painters were painting, each artist invented their own characteristic. This implies that just the final outcome is seen when you mint a One Day NFT!

There are four different collections.

One Day Mekabae, One Day Moon Loot, One Day Moon Way, One Day Hype Train, and One Day Bastards are the four collections available. The first collection, One Day Bastards, has 10,000 characters with over 400 qualities who live somewhere between Earth and Hype.

The Mekabae collection, which includes over 500 qualities and 12 distinct Mekabaes, is the most recent release from the ODB team. It comprises of colorful and diversified robots in 2D style from the ODB team. Collectors may get a free Mekabae and then purchase more for 0.02 ETH apiece, with a maximum of 15 per wallet.


The Moon Loot project presents several playable item collections for the future 2D action game, in which you struggle for victory as your ODB heroes. The more swag you have, the greater your chances of avoiding loss! The One Day heroes go on a journey in the Hype Train collection. They ride the HypeTrain to their next location, where they have numerous strange experiences along the way.

The Team

Kristina Rova came up with the concept for the project, which was curated by Wild Cake and three developers behind the scenes, Vlad, Andrew, and Albert. Vospitanik, Billy, Cosmicbit, Dude, Durusique, Volv Victory, Naydar, 6R6Y, Valin, HZWaves, Vadim Zeland, Agent Kusushanski, and Weedonism can all be found on Twitter.

Join the One Day Project Discord channel for exciting game development updates, freebies, and fun competitions with prizes.

Click here to get to the website.

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“How to buy nft starter” is a guide that will help you learn how to purchase your first NFT, the Quirky NFT Collectibles with a Twist. Reference: how to buy nft starter.

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