As NFTs come out at a rapid pace, one question remains: what will happen to the music industry? This article explores some possible solutions.

On the Music Address and Exciting Progress


The trendiest data points in the industry are now trending.


If you think you’ve heard our name mentioned in the news, you’re correct. We’re thrilled to have started the year not just with new team members (hello, everyone), but also with media appearances on CNN and The Independent.

advancing knowledge

We spent the Christmas season crunching stats and sifting through mountains of data to bring you exceptional insights and forecasts for the year ahead in the music business. And, since we think that information is stronger when it is shared, we made a point of informing everyone about our discoveries.

Our speech on the »State of Music in 2022« has gone viral. The study has something intriguing for everyone since we explored everything from Spotify to radio and young talent to renowned superstars.


Oh, and by “everyone,” we also refer to Roger Taylor. Yes, Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, was ecstatic to learn that Queen will be the most-played rock band on radio in 2021. Isn’t it amazing?

Take a look at the highlights and get a free copy of the report.

In the product area, things were also moving smoothly. The newly updated Label Pages and Label Charts were released in the start of 2022.

Miha P. addresses all the crucial aspects in his update, as he usually does:

Did we keep our fantastic webinar series going? Yes, absolutely! Based on the record attendance in January and how rapidly news spreads, our panel discussions are becoming an industry staple.


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The January nugget of wisdom may seem to be a random inspiring post shared by a traveling influencer. However, it was brought up on our January webinar panel, in which Jay Gilbert and Terry Tompkins emphasized the necessity of choosing channels and markets based on statistical proof. Doesn’t it make sense?

The next logical step, in our opinion, is to shake up the industry with strong examples and even better data. So far, the year 2022 seems to be a fantastic one.

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