This article will briefly introduce Octogamex, an open-source platform that provides games and developers a place to sell their NFTs at global scale. The article also explores how this is the most significant innovation in blockchain gaming since CryptoKitties.

The “opensea” is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to buy and sell NFTs. It also provides the user with an easy way to track their transactions on the blockchain. Additionally, it has a built-in wallet for storing your digital assets.

Octogamex - The Limitless NFT Aggregating Marketplace

Octogamex is a decentralized NFT platform designed specifically for in-game and metaverse assets. Octogamex’s role is to act as an unifying and aggregating platform that shows numerous gaming NFTs issued on many blockchains, with an appreciation for the fast expansion and acceptance of GameFi and broader metaverse innovations.

The platform, which was created by ElephantsLab, a company that specializes in launching blockchain projects, accomplishes this by incorporating a number of mechanical and community-building innovations to create a common multi-chain, smart contract-powered aftermarket platform for in-game assets, where its extensive integration allows all NFT owners and traders to make exchanges with ease and convenience. 

Mechanics of the Market 

Octogamex has assembled a broad set of systems that will be implemented in order to fulfill its aim of developing a centralized platform for all things NFT.

There will be an NFT purchasing and selling feature that permits exchanges even if the assets were only sold for their native token, as well as an NFT trading mechanism that allows buyers to present bids in one or more NFTs in return for the NFT they want. This will include cross-blockchain NFT trading as well.

Other features include: an auctioning dynamic to add complete transparency and control to buyers and sellers’ decision-making processes; an augmented trade-in function to allow trade offers that include NFTs and crypto; an NFT Bridge to allow owners of NFTs on specific blockchains to claim’synthetic’ doubles that will reside on a different blockchain; an NFT Lending feature for those looking to take out loans using their digital assets as collateral; an NFT Lending feature for those looking to take out loans using their

Program for Community Development

The project also includes a Program for Community Development which takes place in its Discord server. Here, the distribution of OctoPoints, the program’s fundamental internal currency, will be determined through identifying which community members are most committed to the project. Eventually, such rewards will be converted into fiat currency rewards. 

With community principles in mind, the platform’s partnerships and collection onboardings will be primarily determined by the choices of its users. 


Octogamex’s Public Beta Test is in its final phases of production. Following the completion of the test, the platform will be fully launched.

The Beta Test will be separated into three phases, including several competitions for the project’s community. The top 50 contestants will split a $5,000 prize pool, while the remainder will get OctoPoints.

Initiatives Not Listed

The organization also plans to deliver $300,000 to a group of users in three installments, utilizing monies earned via marketplace fees (2.5 percent of the overall listing price).

The platform’s tokenomics will also budget a retroactive drop of tokens, which will then be dispersed to the community.


Q1 of 2022 marks the launch of the Beta release, the platform’s launch on BSC, as well as the initiation of many of the market mechanics and Program for Community Developments listed above. 

More of these capabilities, as well as additional blockchain connectors, a blog launch, language choices, an NFT standard checker, an identity verification system, and more, will be created and added as the project continues throughout the year.

All of the project’s huge Web3 aggregation capabilities should be up and working by the end of the year.


Octogamex is managed by CEO and co-founder Oleksandr Bodnar and has a doxxed team that includes a CTO, CMO, project manager, automated testing engineer, front-end, back-end, and smart contract engineers, as well as a web designer. Octogamex is a product of Elephantslab, and the whole development team is based there.

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The “nft ino” is a decentralized NFT aggregating marketplace that allows users to buy and sell their NFTs for USD. The platform also allows users to trade with other users, as well as use the nft ino‘s native currency, the INO token.

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