NTR1 is a new digital asset in the NFT category that can only be found on the NEO blockchain. It’s an exclusive sneaker collection with three different designs, each one based off of an individual shoe model and using that specific style as inspiration for its design. These sneakers are made to bridge fashion and technology through their physical form.

The “nike nft drop” is a collection of three shoes that are all Nike NFTs. The collection includes the Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0, the Air Force 1 Low, and the Air Max 95 Ultra 2.0.

NTR1-META: The Three-in-One NFT Sneaker Collection

Swappable, a high-profile NFT interface, and Another1, a one-stop-shop for hype fashion items, have teamed up with 23 industry heavyweights to develop the world’s first Italian ‘phygital’ shoes, unveiling the ‘NTR1-META’ crypto sneaker NFT collection.

The collection will be the first ‘phygital’ (physically and digitally morphing) shoe collection, with NFT holders able to flaunt the sneakers as digital wearables in Decentraland, sell them on Swappable and other markets, or wear them in real life after burning the NFT.

Mint NTR1-Meta Sneakers

Minting for the NTR1-META shoes will begin at 13:00 UTC on February 24th, with the price of each NFT to be announced closer to the day. The pre-sale will start 24 hours before to the event. On February 22nd at 13:00 UTC, an unique event will be conducted at the TrustSwap facility in Decentraland.

The 5,000-unit collection will be available for purchase as NFT collectibles on the Polygon blockchain’s Swappable marketplace, where they can be purchased using ETH or cash.

Swappable will hold many NFT Sneaker Giveaways ahead of the release date, which fashion aficionados may participate on their Twitter page. The offer encourages sneakerheads to welcome their friends to the Swappable Discord, with the top three inviters receiving free pairs of NTR1-Meta shoes (to be released on mint day) and the top 25 of all inviters receiving a seat on the project’s whitelist.

Instagram users may also join the Meta Sneaker Movement and test out the creative chameleon filters for Instagram, as well as share their photos with their friends using the hashtags mentioned on the website.


Collection of NTR1-META Sneakers

The ‘phygital’ shoes, which are inspired by chameleons’ morphing and ever-dynamic characteristics, will be available in 35 color variants, with each owner having total control over the hues they choose to wear, whether online or in person.

NFT holders will have the option to buy actual pairs in gamified redemption periods after purchase, but if they choose to do so, their NFT will be burnt. The actual shoes are the result of Lucio Vanotti, a well-known Italian fashion designer, meticulously creating them. In the Decentraland metaverse, users may also utilize their NTR1-META Sneaker NFT as a digital wearable. You may choose whether to wear digital or tangible jewelry.

Holders will also be able to exchange their NFT, allowing them to put the notion of ‘brick flipping’ into digital practice. Users may buy up to ten NTR1-META Sneaker NFTs, thus they have plenty of space to complete all three.

Join the Swappable Discord group for updates, contests, and sneaker chat to get involved with the release.

Ntr1 nft

Regarding Another-1

AN1 is a one-stop shop for designing, producing, crowdfunding, and trading hype fashion units in both digital and physical form. The platform’s cutting-edge technologies, such as the Initial Shoe Offering (ISO) module, can establish a marketplace for anybody to pitch, crowdfund, produce, and distribute their own shoe, thanks to AN1’s first-class competence in design and production.

The ISO also enables up-and-coming designers and companies to create collections and interact with sneaker and crypto communities, from which they may collaborate with world-renowned production partners to realize the ‘phygital’ concept.

Swappable’s Background

TrustSwap, a comprehensive crypto ecosystem that encompasses every area of the decentralized financial realm, owns Swappable, an NFT platform. Over 13,000 projects have used TrustSwap’s services, resulting in a total value locked of over $4.5 billion.

Swappable has enabled auctions by a number of high-profile musicians and celebrities in the recent year. TrustSwap also offers an industry-leading launchpad for new projects, corporate escrow solutions, Team Finance, one of the most well-known liquidity-locking solutions, competitive farming tools, and the world-class “The Crypto Software” app, which has had over 4 million downloads.

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The “nike nft price” is a sneaker that features Nike’s three most popular technologies: Flyknit, React and Vapor. The shoe is designed to be lightweight and breathable with a mesh upper and an outsole made of rubber.

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