In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a new batch of games like Candy Crush and Fortnite integrating cryptocurrency into their platforms. But what are the implications for this emerging industry?

The “Nifty’s nft” is a cryptocurrency that is currently rising in value. The currency has been around since 2013, and it has seen its fair share of ups and downs. In the past few months, however, it has been on the rise again. Read more in detail here: nifty’s nft.

Nifty’s is leveling up - NFT News Today

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Only on Nifty’s, a new age of NFT-powered experiences and incentives has begun.

A Message from Jeff Marsilio, Nifty’s CEO and Co-Founder

Nifty’s was founded on a key premise a year ago: that NFTs are about so much more than speculation – they’re also about passion, involvement, and community. That belief has only deepened in the year afterwards, as we’ve seen the space develop and adapt, and it’s remained at the core of everything we’ve attempted to do.

Today, we’re announcing another milestone in our journey and a new dimension to the NFT collecting experience: “XP,” a new concept on Nifty’s, and “Artifacts,” a new class of NFTs meant to reward enthusiasm, promote participation, and fuel community across all Nifty’s projects.


Nifty’s initiatives, such as The Matrix Avatars, award Artifact NFTs for participation and accomplishment. Artifacts, like other NFTs, are collectable art, but they also contain XP that may be obtained by “burning” the connected artifact. Users may then exchange their XP for new NFTs, improvements to current NFTs, or real-world goods and experiences.

The term “XP” comes from the realm of role-playing games. Characters in role-playing games receive experience points (XP) for accomplishing certain activities in the game, which enables them to acquire new abilities and “level up” their character. On Nifty’s, we’re turning being a fan into a game. You level up and get awards the more you interact in a Nifty’s community.



The key aspects of THE FRAMEWORK FOR XP are as follows:

  • ACTIVITIES: First, collectors may acquire artifacts (and XP) by participating in a variety of activities on Nifty’s channels, partner channels, and in the real or virtual world. A user might acquire an artifact by completing a task on Nifty’s (akin to The Matrix Avatars’ Red Pill / Blue Pill challenge) or entering a community contest on the Nifty’s Discord server. Alternatively, a user could be able to get a different artifact by purchasing a movie ticket or attending a real-life event. The possibilities for activities are almost endless.
  • ARTIFACTS AND XP: Depending on how you get them, various artifacts will give you varied amounts of XP. Artifact NFTs can be purchased and traded on the Nifty’s secondary markets, but they can’t be moved after they’ve been burnt and the XP has been collected. Artifacts and their related XP are also always connected with a single project. Artifacts gained as part of The Matrix Avatars program, for example, cannot be utilized in a different project.
  • REWARDS: XP may be redeemed for a variety of items, including new NFTs, improvements to current NFTs, and leaderboard points. During a reward period, leaderboard points will propel your avatar up the leaderboard. You’ll get the prize for that tier if your avatar is in it at the conclusion of the award period, which might be actual or digital items and experiences. The greater your prize, the higher you ascend. The leaderboards and awards are reset after the reward period, giving everyone a new start.


Our first franchise connection with XP will be the Matrix Avatars program. Nifty’s provided every Nifty’s account the “Glitch in the Matrix” NFT in December as a follow-up to the main avatars release, as users may recall. This NFT, which features a glitching cat going through a vintage computer display, is not only a tribute to the classic sequence from the first Matrix film, but it’s also the first artifact NFT. Later this month, we’ll reveal the XP connected with the “Glitch in the Matrix” relic, and players will be able to claim it shortly after.

Since then, we’ve experimented with different methods to reward our community by holding competitions on Discord and Twitter, and we’ve issued over 322,000 free “Glitch in the Matrix” NFTs. There are 15,000 left as of this writing, and we’ll shortly disclose how to get them via our community and social media platforms.


The Matrix Avatars’ first reward period is about to begin. We’ll start increasing off-platform activities for community members to acquire Matrix Artifact NFTs all the way up to the award period, as previously indicated. Then, beginning in May, we’ll start rolling out the Mission 2 on-platform activities, and the community will be able to earn XP through Matrix Artifact NFTs. The community will be able to use their XP to advance up the leaderboards a short time later. We’ll have distinct leaderboards for red and blue-pilled avatars in The Matrix Avatars program. We’ll be announcing the activities, artifacts, reward periods, reward levels, and awards for The Matrix Avatars shortly, as well as how users may enhance their avatar’s talents and utilize them to participate in some of those activities in the future for some pretty nice rewards.

For Nifty’s and the NFT sector, we think XP and artifacts will usher in a new era of fun and participation. It’s a deceptively basic yet powerful foundation that we’ve barely scratched the surface of, and we can’t wait to hear your innovative ideas for how to utilize it to elevate the whole Nifty’s community.

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Nifty’s is leveling up – NFT News Today. The company has been making waves in the cryptocurrency space and they are looking to take on a bigger role. They recently announced that they will be launching their own blockchain, which will allow them to offer new services. Reference: nifty’s inc.

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