A new app is aiming to provide usable, user-friendly tools that could reduce people’s reliance on gas fees. The Nifty Gateway application also includes a wallet to wallet feature which would allow players of games like CryptoKitties and Magic the Gathering Online Arena (MTGO) eliminate the need for third party platforms such as Coinbase or GateHub.

The “nifty gateway wallet to wallet” is a feature that allows users to send and receive assets from one another without the need of an intermediary. This can result in lower gas fees.

Nifty Gateway to Cut Gas Fees with Innovative Wallet to Wallet Feature

Nifty Gateway, the venerable NFT marketplace, is almost set to introduce its ground-breaking new Wallet to Wallet (W2W) function, which will enable traders of participating collections to save up to 70% on gas expenses.

On April 7, Nifty Gateway’s unique new W2W function will go live at 2 p.m. ET, ushering in a new age in savings. In addition, during the first 30 days of the project, the venerable marketplace will forgo platform costs. This will open the door to a slew of cost-effective options for collectors and merchants alike.

Nifty Gateway has shortened the trading process, essentially taking the validation and settlement procedures off chain, to make this all feasible. As a consequence, while creating their initial listing, users simply need to authorize the chain collection. Following that, there will be no further processing fees for any future listings or cancellations.

We want everyone’s experience with w2w to be effortless.

Changes linked to w2w caused the outage tonight. We’ve chosen to take some time to investigate what occurred today in order to prevent it from happening again.

W2W Madness will now begin at 2 p.m. ET on April 7th.

— April 6, 2022, Nifty Gateway (@niftygateway)

Users will also earn points when listing, purchasing, and selling things from authorized collections, which will add an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings. As a consequence, the competitors with the most points will receive fantastic NFT gifts.

A number of high-profile NFT initiatives will take part in the first W2W frenzy for the launch. NFT heavyweights World of Women, Cool Cats, Hackatao, Ninja Squad, and more are now on board. As they try to expand the facility to a larger spectrum of collections, more collections will enter the fray.

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The “nifty gateway app” is a wallet to wallet feature that allows users to transfer crypto from one wallet to another. It also has a nifty interface for making transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there gas fees on Nifty Gateway?

A: You will not be charged any fees for the service.

How can I sell NFT on Nifty Gateway?

A: You can sell anything on the Nifty Gateway. To do so, youll need to create a new listing with your item name and price.

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