CryptoKitties, CryptoPuppies and other collectibles are the first major NFTs to be created. These digital assets offer a new way for companies in entertainment, gaming and art industries to monetize their content.

The “music nfts” is a NFT that contains exclusive footage of David Bowie live. The video was recorded on the day of his death, and it is not available anywhere else.

NFTs with Exclusive Footage of David Bowie Live Now

David Bowie’s legacy, as one of the most renowned musicians of the twentieth century, is likely to extend into the field of NFTs. The David Bowie NFT collection is being launched by Starly NFT marketplace in partnership with Melos Studio, the Bowie estate, and his personal photographer Denis O’Regan, allowing fans the opportunity to purchase unique and never-before-seen video of the late music superstar through NFTs. 

On January 27th, at 13:00 GMT, the collection will be released. There will be 12,000 NFTs in all, split into 120 Legendary cards, 31000 Rare cards, and 4220 Common cards. To get the cards, fans must buy a ‘Mystery Pack,’ which comprises 1 Rare card, 2 Common cards, and 1 Legendary card that is randomly allocated with a 4% chance of becoming Legendary. A total of 3,000 Mystery Packs are available for $99.  

Collectors who have a card with the serial number ‘1947,’ which is Bowie’s birth year, will get an extra, unique NFT airdropped by Melos Studio. Additionally, anybody who purchases a Mystery Pack during the sale period will be entered into a $10,000 prize pool, as well as receiving 100 WAVE points and an extra NFT.

Backstage images and videos, recordings of funny convocations from show rehearsals, and audio tracks and monologues by Bowie himself will be included in the collection, which will be unreleased and previously secret.

This isn’t the first time that blockchain technology has been used to immortalize the history of the Brixton-born legend; in June 2021, Playboy and artist Shantell Martin released Bowie 1976, a three-piece NFT collection based on a 45-year-old interview with the singer conducted by the magazine.

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