In the past year, NFTs have been used to preserve areas of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. There are many other uses for this technology including creating digital representations of endangered species and keeping cultural heritage alive by digitizing it on blockchain.

The “why nfts are bad for the environment” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is that NFTs are not good for the environment because they take up land and destroy natural habitats.

NFTs Used to Preserve Areas of the Amazon Rainforest

Moss, a pioneer in Brazilian climate technology and a leader in blockchain environmental solutions, has started employing NFTs to preserve Amazon rainforest regions. In an unprecedented move, customers who acquire a ‘Moss Amazon NFT’ would get 50 hectares of the threatened forest, reducing the risk of deforestation on the area.  

Moss Amazon NFT holders are given one hectare of land (equal to one football field) from the Brazilian state of Pará upon purchase, making a total of 50 plots available. The NFTs will be encrypted with a digital certificate of ownership to prove their legitimacy as custodians of such holy land.

The NFTs pre-sale round on OpenSea sold out in less than an hour, indicating that the novel idea struck a chord with the climate-conscious community straight immediately. The collection’s public sale is still open until 4:30 a.m. GMT on February 13th, and there are still a few hectares available as of this writing (each with a floor price of 1.4 ETH).

Because Moss will still be functioning as the guardians and stewards of the tracts of land, 20% of all earnings from the NFT sale will go to Moss’s 30-year-old protection fund, enhancing the usefulness of such NFTs even more. The funds will be used to cover the expenses of patrols, satellite photography, insurance against forest loss, and any other needs that are essential for the regions’ security.

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NFTs are a digital asset that is used to preserve areas of the Amazon Rainforest. NFTs are also referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens, which can be exchanged for other digital assets or fiat currency. Reference: nft real.

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