NFTs are coming to games. A few projects have already released their first NFT-based game, bringing the concept of scarcity into a new realm by turning digital assets into tangible objects and making them playable in video games. These types of experiences will only become more common as developers start offering greater rewards for playing different levels or specific activities with these digital items that can be bought/sold on crypto exchanges

The “upcoming nft games” is a list of upcoming games that are using the NFT protocol. These games will be released in 2019 and 2020.

The Metaverse is home to numerous active GameFi projects. Naturally, NFT sales and airdrops will begin with the majority of projects. This is done to amass money and achieve the necessary traction for developing fresh, vibrant communities of people who want to play games and make money at the same time.

On the other hand, we are now beginning to run across NFT Projects that turn into video games. These originally began as NFT avatar projects. However, many initiatives are gamifying their works in response to thriving and passionate communities who are clamoring for more.  

Here are a few NFT initiatives that are developing exciting games:

CyberKongz VX, first

CyberKongz VX

As a collection of 1000 original NFTs created by artist myoo in March 2021, CyberKongz at first gained popularity on its own.

The development of $BANANA was the next stage of the project, allowing the CyberKongz community to either yield or burn these tokens according on their desire to earn $BANANA, customize their CyberKongz, breed, and incubate Baby CyberKongz.

They see CyberKongz VX as the next natural step in the project’s growth as they prepare to enter the Metaverse, where players may engage in mini-adventures and parkour-based games. It is now an established community-powered initiative.

With CyberKongz VX, the project, in collaboration with The Sandbox, is bringing the jungle to life with a 3D Voxel collection of 15,000 models that will be used and playable in the future CyberKongz Metaverse environment.

Holders of CyberKongz VX will be able to play the game in The Sandbox and benefit from the play-to-earn features available there.

MetaBirds Arcade games

Which came first is difficult to determine. Was their main gaming center the Meta Birds or Nest Arcade?

On the Solana blockchain, there is a gaming arcade called Nest Arcade. In what Nest Arcade refers to as “a casual Web3 gaming arcade,” players may wager and win $NESTA tokens. Instead of being a single game, Nest Arcade is a collection of different games that players may access via their NFTs.

1,600 different birds are included in the play-to-earn game MetaBirds. Flying your bird through space while dodging obstacles and gathering as many coins as you can is the goal of the game. You can play a demo, but you need to own a MetaBirds NFT to do so, and these NFTs are sold in Magic Eden.

Bored Ape Yacht Club 3.

BAYC Smart Contracts

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is well-known to everyone. Only a few NFT initiatives have ever been as successful as this one. We have received some of the top NFT projects available thanks to Yuga Labs’ ongoing efforts. But now that a teaser clip for the next gamified NFT project from the notoriously bored apes has appeared on the BAYC’s Otherside, we may wait in expectation.

The Otherside NFT Game seems to be getting a number of brand-new features from Yuga Labs. In order to create an open environment where different collectors may own land and engage with one another, the project will also integrate collections from Cool Cats, World of Women, and many more well-known NFT products.

There are still unanswered issues regarding the game’s design and content, but it is reasonable to conclude that it will be a fascinating and ambitious Metaverse project.

The principles of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) will be combined with a Web3-enabled virtual environment in Otherside, according to their website. Players will control both this virtual environment and the NFTs that may be used as playable characters.

With Yuga Labs already having a significant sale for Otherdeed, there is a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm around this project (The NFT Land sale for Otherside). The Ethereum blockchain was significantly impacted by the “biggest NFT mint in history,” which increased GAS prices and brought down Etherscan.

4. SkateX


People who want to participate in extreme sports and action-packed activities like SkateX must first purchase endearing and gorgeous Skateboard NFTs.

The actual game will be a skill-based skateboarding game set in an open-world Metaverse, according to SkateX.

You may take on challenges, develop new skills, and participate in tournaments whether you play alone or with a crew. You can also establish a fan following to get access to sponsorships, incentives, and other benefits.

These NFTs will have various designs and features. Additionally, customizations will be possible. But most significantly, anybody may sign up without cost and start playing to win.

The Skateboard NFT designs show SkateX’s efforts, and if they can equal the popularity of other well-known skateboarding games, this is one to keep an eye on.

5. Xoil Wars: Rebel Bots


Another group of NFTs with a distinct idea and background is called Rebel Bots. Xoil Wars, a cross-platform card warfare game inspired by well-known games like Hearthstone, is the first game in the universe being developed by Rebel Bots.

10,000 Genesis NFT robots, which were made available as NFT avatars in August 2021, are at the center of the Xoil Wars. These Rebel Bots had formed a group on their planet, Xoilium, but have now created rival kingdoms that are at war with one another in the pursuit of Xoil (Extra Terrestrial Oil).

Rebel Bots – Xoil Worlds claims that the gameplay will be mostly skill-based with very little to no chance and very little luck. Building a warring robot army, creating an alliance around foreign realms, and engaging in competition for the coveted Xoil are all goals of the game.

Watch For Additional Information

NFT projects are increasingly developing and releasing games in the hopes that they will expand their communities and meet the demands of holders who want more. After all, the majority of business titans predict that the Web 3.0 age will be heavily influenced by “Gamification.” As a result, several are making an effort to make things somewhat more enjoyable and participatory for their holders.

Similar to Play-To-Earn and many other incentives like Run To Run, Read To Earn, etc., Game Finance (Gamefi) will be essential to the Metaverse.

So, keep a watch out for upcoming NFT gaming ventures that will be much more intriguing.

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