The Gimmicks is an animated series on YouTube, where the main character is a cryptocurrency holder. The creator of this timeline has decided to have players vote for potential story arcs by trading in their nFTs at some point during the show’s run-time

The “the gimmicks nft” is a digital asset that is used in the animated series “The Gimmicks”. The holders of the asset have decided on the storyline for the show.

NFT Holders Decide Storyline in Animated Series 'The Gimmicks'

The Gimmicks is a new NFT series from Sixth Wall, the digital wing of actress Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions. The series, which is being produced in collaboration with Web3 animation company Toonstar, will follow a gang of washed-up professional wrestlers as they strive to reclaim the limelight, with ‘The Gimmicks’ NFT holders having the option to dictate the show’s path. 

Owners of a The Gimmicks, Solana-based NFT will be able to vote at the conclusion of each episode on whatever plot route or character arc the next portion of the series will follow, with a scoreboard highlighting top contributions.

On March 18th, Toonstar and Sixth Wall will issue 10,000 free NFTs, each featuring a distinct character, in order to share the NFTs and develop the series’ community. The first episode will premiere on March 25th, a week later. Although NFT members will get 7-day early access to episodes before the general public, the Gimmicks’ video material will not be wholly unique to them.

The Gimmicks is a series of three-minute animated films based on the true experiences of professional wrestlers Luke ‘Doc’ Gallows and Karl ‘Machine Gun’ Anderson, who were both discharged by the WWE at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. Following their release, the two wrestlers pitched a show proposal to the production firm about their dissatisfied redundancy, which Sixth Wall used to build the program’s premise.

Gallows and Anderson, along with other wrestlers FKA Enzo Amore and Rocky Romero, are included as voice actors in the series as a result of their influence.

Stoner Cats, 10,420 algorithmically created feline marijuana supporters with a fondness for recreational drugs, was Kunis’ first foray into the NFT arena. Although the project began with a mint price of 0.35 ETH, the current floor price is 0.259 ETH. The Gimmicks series, on the other hand, may do better.

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The “nft tonight show” is a NFT that will hold the storyline of an animated series called “The Gimmicks”. The NFT was released on November 10, 2017 and it can be bought with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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