GALA is a blockchain-based gaming platform where you can earn and spend the most popular ERC721 items in the world. GALA recently launched its own token, called GRIT, which will have an interesting effect on how NFTs are adopted into battle royale games like Fortnite.

The “how to make money in town star” is a battle royale game that is currently being developed by Gala Games. The game will be adopting the NFT-Adopting Battle Royale Title “GRIT”.

NFT-Adopting Battle Royale Title 'GRIT' Passes Gala Games Node Vote

GRIT, Team GRIT’s new free-to-play battle royale game, has been formally welcomed into the Gala Games ecosystem following to a resounding node vote. Owners of Founder nodes cast the vote, which had 24 hours to decide if the Wild West-themed game was worthy of joining Gala Titles’ formidable catalog of games. 

Despite the fact that just a simple majority was required for the game to pass the vote, the results indicated that 9297 (98.83 percent) of the 9407 voters voted in favor of GRIT being added to Gala Games, with only 84 (0.89 percent) voting against and 26 (0.28 percent) abstaining. 

The game will have blockchain aspects via the introduction of Hero NFTs, which will enable users to play as completely unique characters, as its links to the Web3-centric Gala Games reveal. Founder node owners will get 4-8 percent of all NFTs, excluding generative NFTs, at the moment of minting as a reward for their efforts to the Gala Games community.

Players of GRIT will be able to traverse the towns, farms, and plains of the untamed West (in solo, duet, and’squad showdowns’ modes) while fighting on foot or on horseback to be the last man standing.

GRIT is slated to appear on Windows PC sometime in the future months, while no official release date has been revealed.

Check out GRIT >> Here


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