A new game from the team of PlayStation veterans, Liithos is a card-based RPG that uses NFTs and battle system mechanics to present players with an ever-changing tactical puzzle. The industry has been clamoring for more games like this on its platform in recent months as gamers continue to abandon traditional video games due to the lack of innovation.

Dancing Deer is a new NFT-themed game from Team of PlayStation Vets at Liithos. The game features a deer that dances to the beat of your music and can be seen in various locations around the world.

John Garvin, a seasoned PlayStation developer, and Michael Mumbauer have chosen to work together to establish the groundwork for Liithos, a brand-new entertainment and gaming firm. The goal is to develop a new line of NFT games compatible with consoles, personal computers, and Web 3.

Ashfall of Liithos and Mumbauer and Garvin’s New Roles and Responsibilities

Liithos will utilize the Hedera blockchain network to launch a new business with the game Ashfall. It is a groundbreaking AAA Web3 game for consoles and computers. The Hedera network also makes use of local and energy-efficient cryptocurrencies like HBAR. 

It is important to keep in mind that Mumbauer, CEO of Liithos, has more than ten years of experience working as PlayStation’s head of visual arts.

Mumbauer has also had the opportunity to work on notable games like The Last of Us and Uncharted. Following that, he worked as the co-founder and CEO of “That’s No Moon.” 

John Garvin, on the other hand, has experience working as both a writer and a director at Days Gone studio. Garvin seems to be the ideal candidate to lead Liithos’ creative division as a vice president. On Liithos’ new NFT-based game project, Garvin will take on the roles of director and writer.

Gameplay and Ashfall’s Narrative

Players in Ashfall struggle to live in a world that has been scarred and destroyed by the impacts of global warming, both in terms of gameplay and plot. One of the repercussions of global warming in Ashfall is a volcanic ring of fire, disruptive and deadly energy fields, and fighting enclaves. Ashfall is a single-player game that eventually becomes a multiplayer cinematic experience. The Hedera network may be used by players to find seamless trade, building, and selling experiences.

Liithos has been successful in forming collaborations with well-known illustrators, influencers, and comic book writers as the Ashfall plot begins to take shape. However, the plot will start with John Garvin penning a digital comic book and will have covers created by Brett Booth for Worldstorm and DC Comics, respectively.

Liithos Ashfall NFT comic

The First Next-Generation Games Are Here!

According to a formal statement made by Garvin, the new studio’s objectives are to produce next-generation games, concentrate on captivating world-building experiences, and leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the in-game experience. The company’s primary goal, according to Garvin, is to develop alluring characters with engaging storylines that can easily blend into gameplay and encourage players to explore other elements of the game.

Ashfall and Web3’s Function

Mumbauer claims that Web 3 will be crucial in creating Ashfall. Mumbauer emphasizes that there is already a lot of enthusiasm and devotion inside the business to construct linked worlds. But generally speaking, Mumbauer observes that misconceptions exist about blockchain and NFT-powered gaming, as well as what they entail for modern players.

Blockchain and Liithos’s Function

Mumbauer believes that blockchain will serve as a fundamental building component for the next generation of video games. Mumbauer further points out that the new business has an innate desire to make Ashfall’s user experience richer and more compelling, giving it an advantage over competing video games. Mumbauer wants to take full advantage of the dynamic change in gaming that is occurring in 2022 by using Ashfall.

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