In 2018, the world of blockchain gaming scored a several-level achievement. Now in 2019, New Milestones for WAX were achieved with new Hot Wheels release and partnerships. Check out how this will further propel the platform into the future!

The “hotwheels cars” are the latest milestones for WAX with the partnership of Hot Wheels.

New Milestones for WAX with Latest Hot Wheels Drop & Partnerships

WAX, which is always willing to go the additional mile, revealed last month that it would collaborate with Mattel, a major toy producer, to execute drops including Hot Wheels NFT Garage. The first collection was released recently, and it sold out in only 38 minutes, with 17,010 packets sold out in a flash.

The NFTs are the newest method to get your hands on some of Hot Wheels’ most precious and rare digital artwork, as well as the option to acquire limited-edition real-life diecast cars when you collect certain NFTs. More than 67,000 people queued for a chance to get their hands on the Hot Wheels NFTs, which began at a low price of $15.

“Collectors will have an opportunity to get special physical diecast cars, and significantly, the NFTs will be minted on the sustainable WAX blockchain,” stated Andrew Chan, Mattel’s Head of Digital Gaming. The Hot Wheels design team selected 40 new ideas for enthusiasts to add to their digital NFT artwork and tangible diecast car collections!”

With Funko announcing a decrease in June, this popular collectable NFT marketplace scored its first huge victory back in April. These souvenirs were dubbed ‘Digital Pop!’ and were sold in packs starting at $9.99 — part of the thrill was the chance to get a free, limited-edition tangible Digital Pop! in person.

Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Shredder are among the iconic characters featured in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed NFTs released by Funko. But Funko didn’t stop there, as they released another set of Digital Pop! This time, NFTs collaborated with Iron Maiden, a famed British heavy metal band, and used their iconic figure ‘Eddie,’ who has featured on all of the band’s albums and artwork.

It seems to be more of an insider job than a natural extension of Funko toys – but recent research on NFT sales by businesses like Piplsay shows that customers are older than may be assumed, with more millennials than Generation Z buyers.

Hasbro, another big entertainment company, joined WAX in October when it unveiled a limited collection featuring characters from the Power Rangers series. The NFTs were also available via the Hasbro Pulse commercial ecommerce site, which was noteworthy.

The Power Rangers series, which debuted in the 1990s but rapidly rose to legendary stature, is a natural fit for NFT collectability, particularly because it paired the NFT release with an exclusive chance to redeem a $199 actual collector’s item.

WAX continues to make significant strides ahead via strategic collaborations that will solidify the platform’s position as the go-to marketplace for famous collectibles.


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