Metaverse aims to be the world’s first open-source blockchain network for creating and interacting with digital assets. The company also plans on launching a public asset exchange that will have an integrated tradeable cryptocurrency called MVS.

The “how to make nft avatar” is a new Metaverse Human Park project that will allow users to create and play with their own avatars. The avatars will be called NFTs, which stands for Non-fungible Tokens.

New Metaverse Human Park Bringing 'Nudes' Playable Avatar NFTs

Human Park is the newest project from Virtually Human Studios (VHS), the makers of the digital horse racing game Zed Run.

Users will leave the boring and confining natures of the actual world behind and enter a digital environment fashioned completely by their own interactions and decisions in Human Park. Users will be able to do things that society prohibits, such as fulfill missions to reclaim magical treasures, defend villages from the wrath of malevolent monsters, or assassinate rulers with retractable weapons.

The notion of identity formation is central to Human Park, and the vehicle for it is the ownership of playable avatars known as ‘Nudes.’ The name alludes to the way each player enters the universe – completely nude, entirely customisable, and as a blank canvas.

Players who hold ‘Nudes’ have the ability to create new, and even several, virtual identities to a degree that we have yet to fathom. VHS has posted a number of photographs on its social media platforms depicting ‘Nudes’ as clay-like animated figures, which might be a hint at their ultimate, in-game look.

Human Park will be a metaverse journey of life, identity, and environmental creation, encapsulating the full potential of web3 technology. VHS has yet to announce any official launch dates, but anyone interested in this unique and intriguing metaverse should join the project’s official waiting list.

Human Park is on Twitter >>


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The “cryptopunk avatar generator” is a new metaverse human park that will bring “Nudes” playable avatar NFTs. The cryptopunk ecosystem is an open-source project and the avatars are designed to be used in a variety of games.

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