The Dystopian Sci-Fi NFT Series, the first ever blockchain games where players can trade assets and explore a dark futuristic world. Each game will feature rare stamps as well as unique tokens to collect that provide deeper value for collectors.

The “dystopian tv shows” is a new dystopian sci-fi series that will be launching soon. The show features Aleks Paunovic and is set in the near future where the world has been destroyed by nuclear war.

New Dystopian Sci-Fi NFT Series Launching Soon Feat. Aleks Paunovic

Aleks Paunovic, star of ‘Hawkeye,’ will be the first star and co-executive producer of GenZeroes, a new Sci-Fi NFT series. In March, the series will premiere exclusively on NFT design studio ‘House of Kibaa.’

The planet of GenZeroes is set 200 years after an extraterrestrial invasion has devastated Earth, and 10 factions are fighting for control of humanity’s future. The GenZeroes Universe will include 10 live-action episodes, motion graphic comic books, and other valuable objects that reflect the ongoings in the dystopian society.

Viewers will need to acquire an NFT from the House of Kibaa website in order to see the GenZeroes series. Viewers will be able to purchase several NFTs, each with its own degree of ownership and set of benefits. Fans who acquire the NFT at the highest degree of ownership will be able to own a fraction of the series via this plan.

“There’s nothing more thrilling than being an artist on an artist-driven platform,” Paunovic, who is also renowned for his lead role in “Van Helsing,” said of the new venture. This initiative is dedicated to sci-fi fans and allows them to participate on a variety of levels. It’s a new era in entertainment, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with House of Kibaa.”

Producers of GenZeroes are also working on plans to make the series accessible on other platforms after it has concluded its run as a web-only exclusive on House of Kibaa.

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