Neftify is proud to announce that our team has taken the top position in the Solana Global Hackathon for this year. The hackathon was held on July 20th at Stanford University and saw over 600 developers from all around the world take part in solving problems with AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality

Neftify took top position in the Solana Global Hackathon. The hackathon was a competition for blockchain projects that are using the Neftify platform.

Neftify Takes Top Position in Solana Global Hackathon

In Solana’s last worldwide hackathon of the year, Neftify, a new platform that promotes income sharing between blockchain game players and lenders, came up on top. Neftify took top place in the competition’s Digital Art and Collectibles Track, earning a reward of $45,000 USD.

Nearly 6,000 crypto pioneers and developers from all around the globe competed in the hackathon, submitting 568 final proposals to the judges. As category sponsors, Microsoft, Jump Crypto, Standard Chartered, Forte, and Metaplex offered competitors a worldwide prize pool of up to $5 million in prizes and initial cash.

Neftify Labs, a technology firm focused on producing open-source goods and services for the future of the metaverse, owns the Neftify platform. This is accomplished through bringing together innovators, lenders, and participants to provide new methods for people to earn and live. Neftify collects game NFTs from the public and lends them to gamers. Lenders get a portion of the play-to-earn earnings, and players may participate in the decentralized game economy.

The platform experienced a significant increase in the number of new gamers and community members in October, with approximately 520,000 SLP (37,500 USD) earned. Neftify is now available in the Philippines and Venezuela, with ambitions to spread to additional Latin American, African, and Southeast Asian countries in the future.

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Neftify takes top position in Solana Global Hackathon. The team of developers from Neftify came up with a solution to the scalability problem of Bitcoin and Ethereum by using a new consensus algorithm called “Proof-of-State”. Reference: sollamas nft.

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