As the cryptocurrency market shifts and evolves, new types of assets are being created to replace traditional securities. With Bitcoin leading the way in terms of mainstream acceptance, decentralized digital assets like Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens have taken off as well.

The “crypto airdrop” is a new type of cryptocurrency that can be traded on the blockchain. It is created by Brazenly, a company that has been around for over 10 years. The company is known for its wide range of products and services including software development, hosting, and management services.

A community of self-aware tribalistic robots is about to take its first evolutionary step toward civilization over on the NEAR blockchain, moving beyond its primitive hunter-gatherer origins into a new classical period of creativity.

The numerous owners of the powerful Discord-based NFT RPG NEAR Future will profit as the action heats up. NEARBots may vote on their favourite evolutionary branch from July 8 through July 11 by using an official link that will be made available in the project’s Discord channel at 1pm UTC on July 8.

In addition, NEAR Future will ask the best NFTs headquartered in NEAR to support them in their vote as a further assistance. The participants, known as “NEARGens,” will each get a piece of the traditional NFT art pie, and the outcome will determine how the NEAR Future story develops in the future. A magnificent handcrafted 1/1 vintage NEARBot NFT will be given away to one fortunate member of the community that receives the most votes as an added bonus.

Airdrops will soon be available on the @NEARFutureNFT thanks to @HouseOfNephilim

#NEARGens will be able to collect their FREE Art NFT and cast their votes on how the $NEAR future should develop between July 8 and July 11.

NEARGens are the best NEARnft Hodlers.

What will these NFTs be able to unlock?

July 1, 2022 — Near Future – 8th July Art Airdrop (@NearFutureNFT)

Once the dust has cleared, each participant will discover that their wallets have been adorned with magnificent NFT artwork depicting their preferred period. Along with a stylish new skin for the NEAR Future RPG, it will also unveil a secret item of further NEAR Future artifacts.

So, keep an eye on the NEAR Future Twitter account for information on all of the participating “NEARGens” and prepare to cast your crucial vote!

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