Mythical Games, the company behind games like “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has raised $150M in its Series C round of funding. The new funds will be used to develop more titles aimed at esports fans.

Mythical Games is a company that has raised 150 million in series C funding round. The company is an online gaming platform that uses blockchain technology to create games.

Mythical Games, a cutting-edge game technology firm, has closed its Series C fundraising round, raising a total of $150 million. This astounding achievement comes just four months after the business secured $75 million in its last fundraising round.

Andreessen Horowitz led the Series C financing, which raised the company’s value to $1.25 billion. With its revolutionary play-to-earn principles and playable NFTs, Mythical has witnessed remarkable development and success in 2021. As it finances future games and welcomes more game creators to the Mythical Platform, the firm will utilize the capital to continue adding top people and successfully expand up its operations. The company has already hired around 150 people and will continue to do so for certain positions on its game, marketing, Platform, and Marketplace teams.

“With its unique design and excellent gameplay, Mythical Games has definitely established itself as a top player among gaming technology firms, enticing mainstream gamers with its distinctive design and quality gameplay,” stated Arianna Simpson, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

By letting players to become stakeholders in their favorite games, the Mythical Platform provides a full-service framework for game creators to construct or incorporate playable NFT-based economies into their games, boosting engagement and opening new revenue models. Players may also sell and exchange their in-game digital assets via the Mythical Marketplace.

“Every year, players spend billions of dollars on digital goods, yet the worth of their collections is hidden from them.” “Using NFTs in gaming introduces a whole new set of game design ideas based on scarcity rather than inflationary free-to-play economies,” stated John Linden, co-founder and CEO of Mythical Games. “As gamers and collectors, we think that players should be able to earn and purchase actual things. The Mythical Platform uses playable NFTs and blockchain technology to integrate the community into any game’s economy; eventually, it will seem absurd that we as players ever spent time or money on games without receiving actual value in return.”

D1 Capital, RedBird Capital, and The Raine Group, as well as crypto exchanges Binance and FTX, are among the investors in the Series C round. 32 Equity, The Chainsmokers’ Mantis VC, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), and pro-sports club owners Michael Gordon (Fenway Sports Group; Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC), as well as Michael Jordan and Curtis Polk, have all backed the venture (Hornet Sports & Entertainment; Charlotte Hornets and NASCAR Cup race team 23XI Racing).

Mythical, the firm behind the popular NFT game Blankos, is building a global gaming environment using blockchain technology and playable NFTs to provide tools that allow gamers, producers, artists, brands, and game developers to become stakeholders and owners in new play-to-earn game economies. The business is run by veterans of the gaming industry who specialize in creating games with player-owned economies and have worked on significant brands.

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