The “Planet Mojo” crypto-token will be the currency of a new open-source, decentralized virtual world with no central point or administration. The developers behind this “game engine” believe it has potential to become as popular as Earth’s most popular games.

Mystic Moose Secure $5M For Extra-Terrestrial Metaverse 'Planet Mojo'

Mystic Moose, an award-winning indie game developer, has announced the completion of a $5 million fundraising round. The monies will be used to launch Planet Mojo, a new blockchain metaverse.

Courtside Ventures, Republic Crypto, Alameda, AU21, Sfermion, Polygon Studios, Collab+Currency, Sky Vision Capital, Spartan Capital, HyperEdge, Momentum6, Fourth Revolution Capital, and others participated in the seed round, which was headed by Animoca Brands.

Planet Mojo is a blockchain-based version of the classic chess game. The game depicts the narrative of a strange alien planet where nature and machine are pitted against one another, and where players may discover, explore, and compete in a variety of interrelated tactical strategy games, starting with an Auto Chess game. Users may participate in cross-platform PvP and play-to-earn mechanisms while also enjoying augmented reality and charity eco-friendly elements by owning teams as NFTs.

Planet Mojo will release a collection of 10,000 generative 3D animated NFT ‘Mojos’ in the first quarter of 2022, which will be immediately useable in the game. There will be other benefits available to early adopters of the game, but their details are currently being kept under wraps.

The extraterrestrial metaverse’s development team has over 25 years of game development expertise. The crew comprises veterans from EA, Activision, LucasArts, and HappyGiant, among other notable gaming studios.

Planet Mojo is on Twitter.


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