The film industry is about to undergo its biggest transformation in history. The moviecoin ICO offers a platform for filmmakers and artists with unparalleled creative freedom, as well as the ability to generate revenue from their work while protecting copyrights. Tokenized assets also allow creators to monetize their intellectual property directly that they can then use towards creating more material or whatever else it is they desire.

The “documentary on nfts” is a project that has been in the works for quite some time. The goal of the documentary is to revolutionize filmmaking by using NFTs and blockchain technology.

Moviecoin Set to Revolutionize Filmmaking Using NFTs & Blockchain -

MovieCoin, a new crowdfunding site, has launched its Initial Dex Offering (IDO), allowing investors an early chance to participate in the firm. The platform promises to use blockchain technology to shift filmmaking authority away from studios and private equity investors and into the hands of directors and producers in the second quarter of 2022, in an attempt to transform the way films are created.

An NFT will be sent to IDO investors, validating and confirming their investment. The platform believes that the NFTs will have additional benefits that will increase their usefulness, such as the possibility of profit rights being linked to NFTs held by mid- to long-term investors. Users will also be able to sell their NFTs on secondary markets, with all of the benefits that come with it.

Moviecoin team head and investor Daniel Pittack noted that the platform hopes to differentiate itself from previous services by allowing investors to get an equal part of profits in proportion to their original investment, as well as the possibility of a limitless profit-sharing in movies. “We’re witnessing a growing thirst from investors for these types of utility-rich investment alternatives, and we’re delighted to be empowering both movie lovers and moviemakers in the process.”

An initial ‘first launch,’ due in March, would give the public the chance to invest in ‘Prizefighter,’ a film that has Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone among its star-studded ensemble.

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“The Hollywood Reporter” is reporting that the “Moviecoin Set to Revolutionize Filmmaking Using NFTs & Blockchain”. The article goes into detail about how Moviecoin plans to use its own tokens, which are called “NFT’s”, as well as blockchain technology. Reference: the hollywood reporter nft.

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