MoonScape, a blockchain-based gaming platform which is designed to create one of the world’s first open marketplaces for NFTs will be holding its very first sale on July 15th.

The “highest selling nft” is a blockchain-based collectible card game. The first ever NFT sale will take place on the 22nd of December.

Moonscape Gets Ready for its First Ever NFT Sale

In a far-off future, the moon was once hailed as humanity’s ultimate saviour. A large terraforming event, on the other hand, never occurred, leaving this celestial world a lawless wilderness. A new species of opportunist sprang from the ashes, eager to stake their claim on the lunar surface. As a consequence, massive cityscapes spring up as megalomaniacs fight for complete dominance.

Moonscape NFT Sale

Moonscape is delighted to welcome you.

Moonscape is a revolutionary new strategical empire-building lunar simulation that is intended to revolutionize DeFi gaming. It has snappy gameplay, large environments, and remarkable DeFi algorithms that enable users to stake directly inside the ecosystem and receive wonderful passive benefits and NFT bonuses.

Gamers are entrusted with scavenging, fighting, and mining important materials in order to develop massive metropolises to fuel their megalomaniacal urges. As a result, each NFT city is managed and upgradeable, with a variety of in-game options. Natural progression may be used to improve the capabilities of each structure, or the DeFi mechanism can be used to stake and earn substantial real-world rewards.

Moonscape’s cities are basically NFTs that players may interact with to get a footing in the game. While upgradeable rovers and excavators travel the lunar surface in quest of resources, buildings may level up to yield bigger staking bonuses or to enhance the in-game utilities. In this no-holds-barred game of cunning and deceit, players may hire employees, create factories, pillage competitors, and exchange NFTs, all of which are governed via the in-game governance token. $MSCP.

Moonscape NFT Sale

When it comes to constructing a city, gamers have two options. They may either grind to level up or purchase their way into the upper echelons of moon-based civilization. The player has complete control over his or her decision.

Moonscape NFT Sale (Limited)

The Binance Smart Chain has recently received the first Moonscape city NFTs. Fans will obtain their first taste of the lunar surface during this limited-time sale, giving players a fantastic non-fungible domain that also serves as unique access to the development’s restricted beta phase.

These colossal urban kingdoms will be available for a limited time on the Scape Store. The fantastic non-fungible cities will be available in a variety of pre-built micro empires, each with its own set of benefits. “Power Giants,” for example, prioritizes energy consumption, while “Defense Maxi” focuses more on shields, and “Balanced Builder” takes a more steady approach.

In all, only 155 NFTs are accessible in the initial drop, with each representing one of five levels of rarity, ranging from “Legendary” to “Common.” The more uncommon an item is, the lower its supply is and the higher its level. Additionally, each tier has a limit of one item per wallet, and the Lighthouse tier structure has its own constraints. The following are the full specifics for each drop:

  • Legendary – 5 level 10 cities – Tier 3 only – 1 2-hour window – 1.2 million $MSCP Legendary – 5 level 10 cities – Tier 3 only – Tier 3 only – Tier 3 only – Tier 3 only – Tier 3 only
  • Epic – 10 level 8 cities – Tier 2 and above – 1 2-hour sales window – 600k $MSCP Epic – 10 level 8 cities – Tier 2 and above – Epic – Epic – Epic – Epic – Epic – Epic – Epic
  • 20 level 5 cities – Tier 1 and above – 2 2-hour sales windows – 200k to 300k $MSCP
  • 40 level 3 cities — Tier 0 and above – 4 2-hour sales windows – $MSCP 60k to 150k
  • Common – 80 level 1 cities – no tier limitation – eight two-hour sales periods – $MCSP ranging from $20,000 to $90,000.

Moonscape NFT Sale

Scape Store, Lighthouse, and Seascape

The Seascape Network’s first game, Moonscape, is a huge gaming platform built on DeFi and NFTs. Its primary goal is to make it easier to join the hedonistic world of play-to-earn entertainment. It has built the trifecta of Seascape, its own NFT marketplace, Scape Store, and its DeFi gaming launchpad, Lighthouse, to complement its offering. They’ll usher in a new age of efficient and effective DeFi gaming for the public if they work together.

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