Jam City is a mobile game company that produces the most popular games in America. Their titles are addicting and their lead investor, Andreessen Horowitz believes $20 billion of online gaming will be on blockchain within five years. What does this mean for future gamers?

Mobile Game Maker Jam City Lands on the Blockchain

Jam City, a mobile gaming behemoth, has disclosed a slew of blockchain-related plans. As a result, a WEB3-specific gaming business was formed, and the company is gearing up for its first-ever play-to-earn launch.

Jam City is creating Champions: Ascension as its first foray into the NFT market. In the kingdom of Massina, a high-fantasy gladiatorial adventure awaits. Where god-like individuals fight a variety of horrifying magical adversaries. Then they cruelly create weapons and armour out of the bones of their slain foes.


A play-to-earn mechanism will be used, with players sending their NFT-powered avatars into the arena. While a complete metaverse deployment is planned for subsequent development. Jam City will offer staking, minting, and trading, as well as build out the Champions: Ascension realm.

Jam City is developing a limited run of “Prime Eternal” NFTs ahead of the debut. A group of fully playable in-game characters that will give value to the platform’s early backers. As a result, they represent the greatest level of asset in the game.

With a current portfolio of 31 million active members, Jam City has had tremendous success in the mobile industry. Since its start in 2010, it has received 1.3 billion downloads. Jam City is now attempting to duplicate its success on the blockchain. As a result, the firm will enter a new age.


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