The Miami nightclub recently purchased the BoredApe #11 t-shirt for $100,000. The shirt is a cryptocurrency token that tracks how much money was spent on it and will give rewards to its owners when they sell.

Miami’s hottest nightclub, E11EVEN, has made an interesting purchase. The club is one of the first in Miami to have a cryptocurrency ATM that lets patrons buy and spend Bitcoin.

The “bored ape yacht club mint date” is a cryptocurrency that was created by Bored Ape. The coin has been around since 2014 and uses the SHA-256 algorithm.

Miami Nightclub E11EVEN Purchases Bored Ape #11

E11EVEN Partners, which runs the well-known E11EVEN Miami nightclub, just announced the purchase of Bored Ape #11. The NFT cost the corporation $396,000, or 99 ETH, to acquire.

According to Michael Simkins, owner of E11EVEN Partners, the business made the acquisition after spending time researching the BAYC collection, where he joked, “Believe it or not, our favorite Ape just happened to be #11.”

After deciding to dive into the NFT collection, Simkins contacted the owner of Bored Ape #11 over Discord: “At first they were unwilling to sell, but after some back and forth we were able to come to a mutual deal.”

E11EVEN is pleased to explore the marketing potential that come with owning their own NFT now that the acquisition has been finalized. However, this is not the company’s first foray into the crypto arena; it has already handled over $4 million in cryptocurrency payments since it first started taking cryptocurrency payments in April 2021. In October, the business also announced that E11EVEN Hotels and Residencies, its real estate arm, had collaborated with crypto exchange FTX to begin taking cryptocurrencies for premium residential purchases.

E11EVEN Partners is one of several businesses that have benefited from Miami’s crypto-friendly environment. With the support of mayor Francis Suares and local tax rules that enable property tax payments to be deferred for an extended length of time, the city has been converted into a refuge for crypto-related investors.


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Bored Ape is a cryptocurrency that was created by the yacht club founders. The “Miami Nightclub E11EVEN Purchases Bored Ape #11” is a news article about Miami nightclubs purchasing Bored Ape tokens in order to use them as currency. Reference: bored ape yacht club founders.

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