Metaverse is launching a new series of podcasts called “The Story Of” with the initial episode, “Star Atlas.” The show will explore how blockchain technology impacts different sectors including art and music.

Metaverse Game Star Atlas to Launch Storytelling Podcast Series

Metaverse gaming environment of the future Star Atlas has teamed up with award-winning sound entertainment project Audio Up to produce an original scripted adventure podcast series that will use audio storytelling to bring its Sci-Fi metaverse and galactic marketplace to life. ‘Moon Station Six,’ an eight-episode series produced by Audio Up’s Chief Creative Officer Jimmy Jellinek, will be titled.

The series, which has been described as “Oz meets 2001: A Space Odyssey,” will follow a wrongfully convicted android bounty hunter who is spending time in an experimental prison on the outskirts of the Star Atlas world for a crime he did not commit. Moon Station Six will logically become a part of the larger Star Atlas narrative, implying that listeners may anticipate cameos and appearances from their favorite characters throughout the series.

The series will introduce a unique soundtrack with accompanying NFT drops to expressly include blockchain technology into the endeavor. Listeners will be able to access more aspects of the Moon Station Six story, as well as the story’s original music and graphics, by visiting this page.

Pablo Quiroga, co-founder of Star Atlas, stated that Moon Station Six is one of many ways the metaverse game is broadening its content while speaking about the relationship.

“I believe we’ve identified a future where web3 content production will become a multimedia experience and a vital part of the business after working with Jared and his team on this unique podcast experience over the past several months.” From our future 3D Ship Showroom to our web-based browser experience, our ambition for Star Atlas has always been for users to be able to interact with material in a number of ways. “With Audio Up, we are leading the industry in this area, and this is only the beginning,” Quiroga said.