With Metaverse’s new fashion week in full swing, let’s take a trip down the runway and remember its history. The first event kicked off on May 11th with over 5,000 attendees at Shanghai Grand Theater!

The “metaverse fashion week decentraland” is a virtual world that allows users to create their own unique avatars and interact with other people in the virtual world. It is also known as a blockchain-based platform for creating, selling, and trading of digital assets.

Metaverse Fashion Week is here!

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High fashion has gone virtual in Paris, Milan, New York, London, and now Decentraland! Starting with a few thrilling opening events on the evening of March 23, Metaverse Fashion Week will be bursting at the seams with catwalk shows, after-parties, immersive experiences, shopping, panel discussions, and much more throughout the period of March 24-27.

#MVFW22 is a landmark event in the worldwide fashion business, with over 60 participating companies, artists, and designers. During the exciting week, a mix of heritage luxury fashion and internet-native businesses will show off their highly anticipated wearable collections, digital spaces, and groundbreaking activations. David Cash, our guest panel discussion curator, had a fantastic summary of the event:

We’ve tried to portray fashion in as many different ways as possible, from runway presentations to retail experiences, fashion as art, film, and photography, and even fashion presented in ways that go beyond the bounds of reality—because everything is possible in the metaverse.

Prepare to deck up your avatar and grab a front-row seat on the catwalk—in the metaverse, everyone is a VIP! We’ve compiled a selection of the week’s most important events below, but be sure to visit the official MVFW event website for a comprehensive rundown of what’s going on and when.

Interested Subjects

Several community-run communities inside the newly established Fashion District will be available to the public during MVFW22. Brands and designers will showcase their catwalks, panels, galleries, and more in each new section. The following are some must-see locations:

The Fashion District for the Wealthy

The Fashion District for the Wealthy

The Fashion District for the Wealthy can be found in the current Fashion District owned by Metaverse Group. Presented by UNXD and Vogue Arabia, the district will host a tour-de-force of fashion houses, brands, designers, and fashion devotees. Some of the industry’s most iconic brands to make their Web3 debut include the following: Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Elie Saab, Imitation of Christ, DUNDAS, Nicholas Kirkwood in collaboration with White Rabbit, crypto and metaverse-themed watchmaker Franck Muller, FaithTribe, Chufy, Jacob & Co, Monnier Frères, Franck Muller, Gary McQueen, Mert Otsamo, Guo Pei, and AUROBOROS.

Unusual Street

Unusual Street

Unusual Street will host a temporary space, the Rarible Fresh Drip Zone, inspired by the streets of New York, with concrete and urban vibes. The area will be populated with pop-up shops including the following brands: Placebo Digital Fashion House, The Fabricant, Artcade @ Fred Segal with exclusive drops by Atari Hotels and Subnation, Perry Ellis America, Artisant in collaboration with PUMA, Miss J Collection by Crypto Couture, Macr0matic (NFT artist), Fabeeo Breen, Girls Gang Label, The Immersive Kind, the exclusive collection of digital VAULT.swiss watches, and Fresh Couture.

The Parcel-MetaParty Community Precinct

The Parcel-MetaParty Community Precinct was created in collaboration with Parcel and MetaParty to honor Decentraland’s creative community. This incredible multi-level facility includes fashion displays and discussions, as well as small games, DJs, music acts, and parkour. The ten winners of the Parcel-MetaParty Wearables Competition will showcase their creations on the Parcel catwalk on March 26. Parcel will also offer customized glasses to commemorate Fashion Week, which will be available from specific dispensers around the venue. The glasses will make it easier for you to go from one region to another. Grab a set of headphones for this portable experience, which will offer you access to a totally different interface than you’re accustomed to in Decentraland.



Web3 Agency, CashLabs, will be launching a mixed-media art gallery. Over 20 artists and designers, including Antoni Tudisco, Krista Kim x The Fabricant, Karl Lagerfeld x The Dematerialized, Jason Ebeyer, Botter Paris, Auroboros, and more, will be represented by the gallery in an exhibition titled “at the intersection of Art and Fashion.” The three floors of the gallery are filled with images and video works on the walls and fashion presented as sculptures. SHOWstudio & Nick Knight will bring a Fashion Film Festival to the event. On the rooftop of the gallery they’ll present five films a day, on a four day fashion film extravaganza that will bring the audience through a journey into the history and future of fashion on film.

Stores that serve as flagships

Stores that serve as flagships

Continuing the trend of big brands purchasing real estate in Decentraland to set up metaverse HQs, a number of special brands will be debuting their Stores that serve as flagships during Metaverse Fashion Week. The following brands will become permanent residents of Decentraland, showcasing their commitment to a new era in fashion:

Forever 21 is a clothing store that sells a Forever 21 will debut an unique Wearables collection made just for the metaverse. This event celebrates the debut of the brand’s one-of-a-kind location inside Decentraland, with more events to follow.

Plein Philipp Philipp Plein Philipp Plein Philipp Plein Philipp Plein Plaza, a prominent zone comprising 65 parcels where you can see Philipp Plein’s established Museum of NFT Arts, will be unveiled (M.O.N.A). Plein will also debut his first-ever metaverse-inspired collection, which will include a fashion presentation on a unique catwalk created in conjunction with 3D artist Antoni Tudisco. His NFT collections will be accessible on Portion, with special wearables available at Decentraland and on plein.com. Plein Plaza will also hold an open night party with numerous DJs to kick off the evening’s festivities. There will be a lot of glitz, glitter, and high fashion!

Estée Lauder is a cosmetics company founded by Estée Lau MVFW’s official beauty brand will be Estée Lauder. The company has collaborated with Alex Box to produce an NFT Wearable based on Advanced Night Repair, the brand’s most popular serum. Users may enter the renowned Advanced Night Repair “Little Brown Bottle” to get a digital badge or Proof of Attendance Protocol commemorating the event, as well as one NFT Wearable that provides their avatar a luminous, dazzling aura inspired by the serum.

However, not all of the fashion at MVFW will be virtual! On March 23, NTR1-Meta will debut its ‘phygital’, handcrafted leather shoes that are wearable in Decentraland, in the real world, and transferable as NFTs. The NTR1-META collection includes 34 designs from the most popular Web3 projects, including bespoke Decentraland shoes. Here’s where you can learn more about the NTR1-Meta and get your hands on a pair.


Panels of Experts

The week will include a variety of panel discussions given by specialists in the disciplines of digital fashion, NFTs, Web3, and the future of the metaverse, in addition to fun, fashion, and games. The daily discussions will be held at both CashLabs and Boson Protocol.

Hogan x Exclusible with DJ Bob Sinclair

Following-Up Parties

And of course we can’t forget to mention everyone’s favorite kind of event in Decentraland—parties! Following-Up Parties to be specific.

Nothing hits the spot after a long day of shopping and fashion sightseeing like showing off your moves (and your shiny new Wearables) on the dancefloor. Every day after the catwalks and panels talks, Following-Up Parties will be happening across Decentraland. Some big names you can expect to see are:

  • Bob Sinclar performs at Vegas City, sponsored by Hogan and Exclusible, with the first-ever virtual dance competition.
  • Nicki Nicole performs and launches her wearable line at the Kollectiff-hosted Metaloop neighborhood.
  • DJ ICYKOF performs at the Metajuku Mall to celebrate the launch of Tribute Brand’s new collection.
  • Blond:ish, backed by the Faith Tribe brand, is performing in Vegas City.
  • Not only that, but there’s more! Stay tuned later this week for more exciting news regarding some very special performances.

But, before you rush out to claim your place near the catwalk, you must first learn about Sophia the Robot!

Keep an eye out for Sophia the Robot, a sociable humanoid robot made by Hanson Robotics, while you’re out and about experiencing the finest that Metaverse Fashion Week has to offer.


She’ll be wandering through Decentraland in exclusive, amazing high fashion Wearables every day of Fashion Week, attempting to avoid photographers who won’t leave her alone. If you see her, take a photo with her and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #findingsofphiatherobot to be entered in a special NFT prize sponsored by Percy Lau and Hanson Robotics. Best of luck!

Look forward to seeing you on the runway!

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