MetaMask, the Ethereum browser extension, is introducing a new NFT addition with plans to integrate it into all of its users’ browsers. The goal behind this move is to enable people who already own digital assets and only use MetaMask for trading now have a seamless way of playing games which have been build on top of the platform’s open-source framework.

The “metamask nft marketplace” is a new feature that will allow users to trade NFTs on websites. The integration will be available in the next update of Metamask, which is expected to release soon.

Metamask Prepares NFT Integration for Browser Extension

Metamask, the digital age’s preferred crypto wallet, is about to release a major upgrade to its browser extension. NFT collectors will soon be able to engage with their cherished possessions from inside the app.

This much-anticipated enhancement will bring the browser extension up to speed with the mobile app, similar to how Coinbase just did. As a consequence, NFT owners will no longer need to go to a hosting site to display their non-fungibleness portfolio, resulting in a one-stop-shop for seeing all assets tied to the Metamask wallet address.

Metamask presently has over 21 million users, making it the most popular wallet for traversing the Web3 wilderness. To stay ahead of the competition, though, the well-known platform must continue to innovate and extend its decentralized frontiers.

MetaMask Extension with NFTs? It’ll be here shortly! 🚀🚀🚀

Our workshop elves are putting the final touches on Extension’s collectables feature so that it can compete with our mobile app.

December 21, 2021 — MetaMask (@MetaMask)

In addition to this fantastic news, rumors of a prospective MetaMask token continue to circulate, with sources claiming that everyone who has traded tokens directly inside the wallet would get a big airdrop. Nobody has ever used this function. A short search of Twitter found a labyrinth of phony “help” channels already providing the service, most likely with the goal of divorcing consumers from their hard-earned money. As a result, only pay attention to official announcements. If you’re in any doubt, just disregard them.

>> Here is the official Metamask Twitter account.


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The “nft storefront” is a new browser extension that will allow users to purchase NFTs without having to leave the browser. This is a great way for people who are not able to use Metamask, or just don’t want to use it, to purchase and trade NFTs.

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