Metalcore is a new blockchain-based game that promises to be the next generation of PVP and collectibles, with a unique tokenized economy. The company aims to make gaming more social than ever by making it “play-to-earn” as players earn rewards from playing through incentivization features such as leaderboards, leveling up, loot boxes and tournaments.

MetalCore is an ambitious free-to-play MMO that promises to revolutionize the gaming industry by creating a world where players are incentivized to play with their in-game assets. Players can exchange cryptocurrency for items, skins, and even character builds. This platform will open up all kinds of possibilities in the future when it comes to digital assets owning and trading on guilds or communities.

The “twitter nft news” is a tweet that has been circulating around the internet. The tweet claims that MetalCore promises to be a massive PVP and NFT mayhem.

Several industry veterans have introduced their new blockchain gaming project, fresh off the press from NFT.NYC. MetalCore is on the way, a futuristic FPS open-world war extravaganza that promises to be a raging success.

Studio 369, an organization made up of hard-hitting giants from inside the business, is in charge of MetalCore, which is no ordinary title. As a result, the team includes former Activision, Disney, and Lucasfilm employees. And that’s not all: Stephan Martiniere, an award-winning concept artist whose earlier work has appeared in Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and Magic the Gathering, will be producing concept art.


Traditional gaming mechanics will be combined with blockchain technology in this game. As a result, numerous in-game elements including pilots, vehicles, terrain, and weaponry are represented as non-fungible tokens, while an in-game economy rewards players for their efforts.

MetalCore will also have a violent and large PVP aspect, with up to 100 people engaging concurrently in a war-like free-for-all. All of this is made possible by the powerful Unreal Engine 4, creating an unparalleled experience.

The first in-game NFTs will be available in January, followed by a restricted BETA release in the spring. For the time being, quench your gaming appetite with the brand new game trailer.


Visit the MetalCore website by clicking here.


The “nft tg” is a new gaming platform that promises to be the next generation of online gaming. The MetalCore platform will allow gamers to earn NFTs by playing games and trading them on the marketplace.

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