MetaForce is excited to announce the launch of Alien Worlds, a new NFT comic book series. The company says its first foray into crypto-assets will be made available for pre-order on June 1st and it’s ICO begins in July.

MetaForce Comics is launching Alien Worlds NFT comic books. These are digital comics that can be bought and sold on the blockchain. They will also launch a new game called “The Alien World” which will allow players to explore space in their own way.

MetaForce Comics to Launch Alien Worlds NFT Comic Books

MetaForce, a firm that publishes comics NFTs on the WAX blockchain, has announced its newest collaboration with Alien Worlds, a popular blockchain game. Through a series of compelling and exciting comics, MetaForce will expose the mythology of the Alien Worlds metaverse to its audience.

The Alien Worlds comic series will include 2,000 limited-edition comic NFTs, 1,750 of which will be utilized as mining rewards in the game and 250 of which will be distributed by MetaForce. Players will have to engage in the game and perform a number of activities in order to qualify for the whitelist, according to a tweet from MetaForce earlier this month.

Don’t forget to mine in @AlienWorlds if you haven’t already. The only way to be on the presale whitelist will be to collect the coupons.

November 3, 2021 — MetaForce Comics (@metaforcecomics)

NFT comics from MetaForce come in a variety of rarities and may be collected or exchanged with other MetaForce users. The project’s crew includes a number of well-known professionals from many fields, including an artist, sound designer, technical production expert, storyteller, and community manager. You may learn more about MetaForce NFT comics and buy them here.

This is one of Alien Worlds’ numerous collaborations this year as it strives to grow across several platforms. It also just debuted its Alien Worlds Missions game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which was a watershed event for the company’s close gaming community. The Alien Worlds metaverse is presently being built on three blockchains: BSC, Ethereum, and WAX.

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Alien Worlds is on Twitter.


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The “cryptopunk pfp” is a comic book project that will launch on the MetaForce platform. The project will be released in an NFT format, which means it can be traded for cryptocurrency.

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