MetaBlaze is a new game that began on the Binance chain with one core focus: to reward players in an inflationary environment. The metamask integration will allow for easy access and use of these tokens, along with many others like it.

MetaBlaze is Bringing High Yield Rewards and Deflation to the Metaverse on Binance Smart Chain

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On the Binance Smart Chain, there is gaming and a metaverse.

MetaBlaze, built on Binance Smart Chain, is introducing high return incentives to the metaverse through a liquidity pool and deflation mechanism. MetaBlaze is working on a play-to-earn RPG featuring magical NFT heroes from different planets who will wage battles in the metaverse using gaming-based utility tokens. The game will take place in a magnificent 3D world where players and non-players alike may purchase, sell, and rent land pieces as well as collect taxes for their usage, resulting in a rich revenue stream.

Financial, virtual, and real worlds are becoming more interwoven. The technology we use to govern our lives provide us access to nearly whatever we want at the touch of a button. This has had an impact on the crypto sector as well. Crypto aficionados are no longer the only ones that use NFTs, blockchain games, and crypto payments. They’re all now available as part of a burgeoning metaverse.

Users may own the NFT animals and govern the terrain inside each realm. Each NFT is a work of art, carved by hand and then hand-painted for a really stunning and high-quality look. During the initial part of the presale, the MetaRoyal NFT will be available to early project supporters. Only 200 of these NFTs will be made on OpenSea. The MetaRoyal Club is an invitation-only membership club in which members receive royalties when one of our NFTs is resold on the open market. During the token presale’s second round, it will also issue a one-of-a-kind NFT collection of 10,000 Goblins. These NFTs will be minted on OpenSea and will be an important part of our overall product, as well as your collection. We’ll continue to release new NFT mystical creature collections every quarter.


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