Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms in use today. Moving to integrate cryptocollectibles on these platforms is a big step for crypto-enthusiasts since it legitimizes digital assets and makes them more accessible.

In the article, “sources meta facebook instagram nfttimes” it is mentioned that Facebook and Instagram will be integrating NFTs into their platforms.

'Meta' to Integrate NFTs on Facebook and Instagram


Meta, a social media conglomerate, is said to be working on integrating NFTs into its prominent social media subsidiaries, Facebook and Instagram. The inclusion of NFT capabilities on such platforms would be the most widespread display of support for NFTs to yet, assisting in the asset’s removal from its divisive name and consolidating its position in the digital world.

The plans are said to be “at an early stage and subject to change,” but for the time being, Facebook and Instagram are said to be working on a prototype that will allow users to mint NFTs on the platforms, as well as preparing a feature similar to one seen on Twitter, where users can display NFTs as their profile picture. It’s also possible that the whole company is going to build its own Meta NFT marketplace.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Meta’s prospective embrace of NFT technology; CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at it in October during a livestream discussion on the need for conglomerates to encourage ownership of digital commodities and NFTs. When Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri highlighted the platform’s intention to dive into NFTs and discover methods to make them more accessible to a larger audience in December, eyebrows were raised.

Despite the flurry of conjecture, Meta has yet to issue an official statement on its future use of NFT technology.


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