The Nebulas team announced the launch of two new functions, “NebPay” and “DApp Browser”. With these features in place, developers will be able to create more interactive games.

The “Nebulas” is a blockchain platform that launched 2 new functions last month. The first function allows users to create their own decentralized applications, while the second function allows users to trade NFTs in a trustless manner.

Meta Nebulas Launches 2 New Functions

Meta Nebulas has thousands of users in its ecosystem since its introduction two months ago. So, what makes us so intriguing?

First and foremost, Meta Nebulas includes three ecosystems in which users may earn money: SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, NFT, and Stakepool. So, what exactly is SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN? People might begin by purchasing an NFT for 50 IONZ ($50 if IONZ are priced at $1) in order to begin doing social goals such as sending greetings to 30 players in the dapp. Players might receive 10,000 SOLARIX ($100 if SOLARIX is valued at First of all, Meta Nebulas has 3 ecosystems for users to make a living: SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, NFT and Stakepool. So what’s SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN about? Players could start with 50 IONZ ($50 if IONZ is priced at $1) to purchase an NFT in order to start doing the social missions such as sending greetings to 30 players in the dapp. Upon completing missions, players could earn 10,000 SOLARIX ($100 if SOLARIX is priced at $0.01). Yes, it’s that simple to double-up your capital in Meta Nebulas..01) for completing tasks. Yes, doubling your money in Meta Nebulas is that easy.

Players may make money in addition to SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN by selling their NFT at a greater price based on market demand. In summary, if participants opt to sell NFT when the marketplace is available to the public, they might make more than $100.

Staking IONZ with Meta Nebulas

The most exciting aspect is still to come: our SOLARIX-Stakepool. Our stakecamp symbols have been replaced with a gun, a tank, and a fighter jet. The more powerful the weapon chosen by the participants, the more IONZ may be extracted from the stakepool. And their APRs and durations are all different. APRs as high as 340 percent are possible for gamers. Furthermore, our APR is now set, allowing gamers to continue to stake in order to earn more.

NFTs from Meta Nebulas

Here are a couple of our ecosystem’s most recent changes! In our dApps, we’ve added two new features! First and foremost, we have established a scholarship program. NFT owners merely need to enter the scholar’s wallet address, and scholars may begin their SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN adventure!

Aside from that, we’re offering the “VIP Package,” which allows consumers to buy NFT in bulk. So that players may readily grasp the NFTs. Players do not need to hurry to get NFT in the marketplace after buying the “VIP Package,” as the system will immediately release NFT to the “VIP Package” purchaser exclusively.

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