Meta Legends is a unique game that combines the METAverse with real life. It allows players to collect and trade in-game assets that represent their favorite brands, celebrities or themselves. The project has raised over $6 million dollars so far and will soon be releasing its own platform for trading these digital goods as well as an app store for making games of your own creation.

Meta Legends NFT Project is Arriving Along with Meta Life Metaverse

An army of legends is on its way to rescue mankind and rule the metaverse. Welcome to the Meta Legends, an NFT initiative with the objective of integrating NFTs and the metaverse into a full ecosystem.

Meta Legends & Meta Life

The collection will include 12,345 high-quality Meta Legend 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be sorted by rarity levels and created using hundreds of pieces. Each of the seven Meta Legend organizations has its unique design, goal, and characteristics. The Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers, and Roughs are the different types of Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers, and Roughs. The tale is set in a fantasy realm, and the developers want to make money off of it by commercializing the project and plot in order to support the creation of a metaverse called Meta Life.

Holders will have a significant say in the development of Meta Life, and will serve as catalysts for change via the impending DAO. Members will be able to embody their Legend in this metaverse, where the possibilities will be limitless, much as in the gaming world (think FPS games, tournaments, Spatial races, Easter eggs), as well as in live events like as concerts and festivals. Not only that, but Meta Life will have play-to-earn, enabling participants to make money by using their possessions.


Connect with Meta

An exclusive app for the project called ‘Connect with Meta’ is already in the works. The app will allow holders from around the world to connect with each other, and to share their locations with each other if they want to in order to meet up in real life.

Members will be able to use Connect with Meta to get their NFTs to appear in the real world thanks to augmented reality, and complete challenges with friends. The ultimate goal of the app is to become the first NFT social network in the world.

The Drop & Perks

The public sale will begin on November 24 at 6 p.m. EST and will be conducted in the style of a Dutch auction with a starting price of 3 ETH and a closing price of 0.3 ETH until all NFTs have been sold. A total of 10, 726 Meta Legends will be available for purchase during the inaugural public sale, with a limit of two purchases per wallet. On Friday, November 26th, the whitelist sale will be held, with each NFT priced at 0.3 ETH and a limit of one per wallet. Finally, on November 28, 2021, the great revelation will take place.

Buyers will get additional benefits according on the price range in which they mint an NFT during the Dutch auction. For instance, if you acquire a Meta Legend for 2.5 to 3 ETH, you will be eligible for a Land offering in the metaverse. On the website, you may find detailed information on the Dutch auction and its advantages. Depending on the mint number of their NFTs, holders will also be eligible for perks like as autographed T-shirts, an invitation to a VIP party in Dubai, and more.

Meta Legends has a lot of big plans in the works, including creating an entertainment license, developing the Meta Legend storytelling and universe to make it more complex and defined, and building a fantastically engaged community around the various NFT collections, all with the goal of helping each other thrive.


A Committed Group

The project’s crew consists of very accomplished founders who have previously launched multiple businesses. Max, a world-renowned designer and digital artist; Robin, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the SCALE X and BCTC groups; Salim, a mathematical and statistical modelling engineer who has made millions of dollars and has a large social media following; and Quentin, a co-founder of Tokenized Real Estate and a DeFi expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is metaverse and NFT?

A: A word referring to the virtual space in which all of the worlds and things that exist within it are represented. Its like a network of different realities with different rules.

How do I buy Meta legends NFT?

A: You can buy Meta legends NFT in-game by completing the Daily Quests.

What is metaverse in Crypto?

A: A metaverse is a virtual world. It can either be an online space or something in which the user physically enters into, like a VR game.