With a launch on Nifty Gateway, Mercedes-Benz has inked the first of what will become many transactions using non-fungible tokens. The company hopes to take advantage of new technology and expand its customer base by offering collectibles that are not only limited edition but also have real value.

The “lamborghini nft” is a new cryptocurrency that will be available on the Nifty Gateway. The lamborghini nft collection has been inspired by the G-Class, which is the world’s most powerful SUV.

Mercedes Launch G-Class Inspired NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway

Mercedes-Benz has announced its entry into the NFT industry with the introduction of an NFT collection honoring the company’s historic G-Class line. The NFTs will be created by a diverse group of artists from the Art2People CryptoArt collective as part of a project dubbed ‘The NF-G Challenge.’

The NFT drop will take place on Nifty Gateway on January 23rd between 18:00 and 19:00 EST in a one-hour auction, with each NFT priced between $222 and $1,554.

The NFTs will be designed by Antoni Tudisco, Roger Kilimanjaro, Baugasm, Klarens Malluta, and Charlotte Taylor and Anthony Authie in collaboration. The artists come from a variety of fields, including music, fashion, graphic design, architecture, creative marketing, and real estate, ensuring that fans will have a broad range of artistic interpretations to pick from.

When the collective NFT sales exceed $1 million, each Mercedes NFT customer will be immediately put into a drawing, and the artists will have their own private lottery if the collective sales reach $2 million. Surprisingly, each raffle’s prize is an actual Mercedes G-Class!

Those interested in purchasing a Mercedes NFT inspired by the G-Class may do so using bitcoin or a credit card; however, credit card users must verify their card on Nifty Gateway six days before to the sale.

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The “used g wagon for sale” is a product that Mercedes has released on the Nifty Gateway. The collection includes items like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a new limited edition of the G550 and more.

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