The Melanated NFT Gallery is partnering with DMX to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collectors. This commemorative piece will be auctioned off in September, with 100% of the proceeds going towards Charity: Water

The “nft gallery” is a cryptocurrency marketplace that has been created by the Melanated nft gallery. The company announced an exclusive auction for their DMX token, which will be sold to the highest bidder.

Melanated NFT Gallery Announce Exclusive DMX NFT Auction

Melanated NFT Gallery (MNFTG), a new blockchain services firm, has published some of the late rapper DMX’s rare works, allowing fans to acquire some of his famous artworks. The auction comes after the firm recently revealed that DJ Superior, the iconic rapper’s long-time buddy, joined up with the MNFTG to produce the DarkMan X No Words NFT series.

The auction for the collection began on December 31st, and includes unreleased songs, handwritten lyrics from his personal rhyming book, a freestyle fight, rare images, and more. A part of the profits will be donated to DMX’s family.

MNFTG also has plans to release another unique and Black artist-inspired NFT, as previously revealed. The firm is rumored to be publishing a three-part NFT series dubbed ‘Synesthesia’ in honor of jazz musician Miles Davis, although the release date has yet to be disclosed.

The firm claims to be the first blockchain technology company owned and managed by a Black woman, having been founded in 2021. Its purpose is to enable artists from the worldwide African and Afro+Latinx diaspora to profit from their artistic contributions by using the safe control and wealth-building potential offered by blockchain technology.

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